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Weaning was going well and now completely stopped

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Lozzaanne Tue 21-Jun-11 15:33:30

My 7 month old was weaned at 5months as he never got on with formula milk at all and is consequently small for his age - just about on 9th centile. At first he seemed really keen on any veg mix and fruit as well as porridge and came on leaps and bounds. I tried meat at 6 months and he flat refused and we seemed to go through a cycle of getting him back on veg and fruit again and then trying meat again (pureed, ella's kitchen, hidden in veg he likes etc) and he would refuse to eat again for a few days. However now he has flat refused to eat anything solid at all for almost 2 weeks. I know teething can affect their eating but i dont think its that - he almost seems to see the food and decide he is not going to have any. Ive tried to feed him in high chair, on my lap, in the pram etc which has worked in past but he just refuses to open his mouth and starts getting distressed.
I know that up to a year its all about tastes and milk is still most important but as he is soo small he does need to eat some food. im really concerned I have somehow created a problem with eating which is just going to get worse...would be great if anyone had any tips or experienced this.

Lozzaanne Tue 21-Jun-11 15:42:03

oh and he also doesnt get finger foods at all - ive tried toast, rice cakes, cooked veg, banana biscuits and they immediately get chucked on floor and no where near his mouth

VeronicaCake Tue 21-Jun-11 22:34:11

It sounds like you are spoonfeeding. I don't want to preach the virtues of baby-led weaning to you (it worked for us, it doesn't work for everyone and people should do what they feel happy with) BUT baby-led weaning helps to make it really obvious that for most children weaning is not a smooth learning curve at all.

My DD went backwards and forwards with food loads, eating some things one week and not others. At 7m she might eat a bowl of porridge and half a banana for breakfast one day and just lick a piece of toast the following day. At 13m she eats three good meals a day plus snacks and is as unfussy as they come. Children go backwards and forwards whilst learning to crawl, walk and talk too and we don't (or shouldn't) worry about that either.

I reckon it is unlikely that you have done anything wrong. Your DS is just exploring and will start to enjoy a wider range of foods in his own good time. I appreciate we worry more when our babies are small (my DD was on the 2nd centile) but there is nothing intrinsically unhealthy about being on the small side.

If he is still drinking plenty of milk then try to let go about how much he eats. Keep offering him a good healthy diet, and don't push him to eat more if he fusses or seems distressed.

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