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weaning and DS seems prone to constipation, would omeprazole be affecting this?

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1lumpor2 Mon 20-Jun-11 17:45:11

i started weaning a couple of weeks ago when DS hit 6 months, baby porridge before that had made him constipated which i stopped giving, i was initially advised to wean early as he has reflux. he has been on movicol for several months now as he does seem prone to constipation. the problem is that anything i give him seems to upset his tummy. mostly we're doing BLW as he turns his nose up at puree, so not much food is going in, if he does eat some puree he def gets more constipated. im just tearing my hair out, he does want to play with food and some goes in but i spend the whole time worrying about his tummy and i dont know whether to hold off introducing meat or anything more complex at the moment. the paediatrician was a bit shocked that the baby porridge (gluten free) caused trouble and suggested starting with just carrots but thats clearly not going well either sad he is on 1mg/kg of omeprazole for the reflux and i wondered whether that might be causing trouble as his stomach will be less acidic? just wondered if anyone else had these troubles and could give some advice? dont know what to do sad

Deliaskis Wed 22-Jun-11 11:20:56

As an adult, my DH has been on and off omeprazole for years for acid indigestion and says it makes him bloated, so he has stopped taking it. It might be worth having a full medication review with paed in light of weaning as obviously DS will need some acid in order to digest food.


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