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2 weeks into BLW - reassurance please - playing, chucking, and definitely not swallowing

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smokesandmirrors Sun 19-Jun-11 13:53:18

My DS is 6 months 2 weeks. After initially TOTALLY IGNORING the food in front of him, he had a lot of days where he put everything to his mouth. Which was great. Then, past few days he's stopped. Everything goes to the floor except loaded spoons of yoghurt which I thought he loved, but even the spoon just got dropped. And I'm pretty sure that although stuck gets gnawed at or sucked, it's not being swallowed.

I'm not worried about nutrients etc. I understand the concept behind it all.And
I've not made a big deal of it. But how long does this sort of stage last for. How long before he starts to get interested properly or we start to worry that he's not getting enough?

It's a bit demoralising, that's all.


HarrietJones Sun 19-Jun-11 14:06:45

Dd3 has just started taking proper meal sizes at 8m. She's fine, still piled on the weight.

MrsGubbins Tue 21-Jun-11 06:42:01

it's very demoralising, I keep telling myself that milk is enough for now and she doesn't know that food will fill her up.

sit on your hands, maybe video DS and then again a week later to see the difference? I've done this to convince DH that BLW was the way to go, he'd never considered that a baby would try and feed themselves and needed spoon feeding and all manner of cajolling, DD is 7 months and still plays a lot with the food but she does eventually put it in her mouth and have a chomp, you have to have the patience of a saint! I sometimes sit with her for 45 mins - hour.. DH doesn't have the willpower and although he wants to see her enjoy the food he ends up trying to put it in her mouth which completely puts her off.

I think it will take a couple of months for it to click with them, so lovely to see them actually enjoy something and go back for more, took DD about 4 offers of banana before she actually tasted it and now she launches her face into it!!

blackcurrants Tue 21-Jun-11 15:14:17

it took DS about a month, I think. I started seeing slightly different nappies around 3-4 weeks. And the things he loved went in before the things he wasn't that fussed about hmm - funny that!

I noticed him REALLY seeing a link between his hunger and actually being able to sate it with food at around 8 months, but he started eating rather than chucking at 7 months. He's 11 months now and really puts it away and enjoys himself. In the grand scheme of things, you're over half a month to seeing results, I should think.

It is frustrating, specially if you miss some of the bits and squish banana on your bare feet when you step on it [slattern emoticon] BUT think of it this way: if you weren't doing BLW you'd have probably overfed him by now, cos he clearly isn't that into food yet. So you're probably doing alright!

Can your LO see you eat? We don't have tea with ours (we eat too late) but we eat breakfast and lunch together, and I think this helped him get the message. Now he always wants what's on my plate, specially we if we go out to eat.

MovingAndScared Thu 23-Jun-11 21:42:45

bit late to this but it was at least 3 weeks before DS2 ate any thing - it was some mango with the skin on BTW -
we put just put bits on his tray - only a very few at a time -which seemed to help with the dropping a bit- and someone always ate with him - even if just a snack - and then if he seemed happy I would get up and do jobs in the kitchen while he played!
have you looked at the BLW cook book as there are some nice idea of things you can all have

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