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2 breastfeeds a day at 9 months?

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gourd Thu 16-Jun-11 21:20:02

I know babies differ a lot, but I'd like a bi of reassurance - LO is 9 months on Sunday and for the past two weeks she has only had two breastfeeds a day. She eats really well - 5-6 mini meals a day with at least one cup of water at each. She often only wants one breastful in the morning and evening though, not even both breasts, so I'm beginning to wonder if she's heading for no milk at all before 12 months! It's good not to have to worry about daytime feeds, as I'm back to work full time in two weeks time, but I do hope to breastfeed till at least 12 months, so I hope she'll want at least an evening feed for a while yet, but I'm beginning to wonder about this as her lack of interest in milk seems quite drastic. I have read that babies self-regulate, so she should be getting enough milk, but it's still a bit worrying. Can anyone reassure me that 2 breastfeeds a day is OK at this age?
To eat she has something like this:
Breakfast - 3-4 table spoons of porridge and a whole slice of toast with hazelnut butter
Snack - 1/2 to whole banana (depending on size) and 4 tea spoons of yogurt
Lunch 2 water biscuits with cream cheese, half a peach, small slice of roast beef
Snack - half a mango, half a pear and 8 teaspoons of yogurt
Tea - aprox 3 fingers of roast chicken, a piece of roast potato, a brocolli florette, small bit of roast red onion and aubergine.

pinkyp Fri 17-Jun-11 00:04:58

Do they have plenty of dairy in their diet too? Milk with cereal, yoghurts, cheese etc? If so I wouldn't worry, perhaps if you wanted to you could try a cup of breast milk instead of water with one of their meals / snacks. Sounds like your doing a really good job to me tho smile

gourd Fri 17-Jun-11 09:09:56

Thanks - I thought she was doing OK, but when I read others saying their child still has 3,4 or 5+ breastfeeds a day at 10 months+ etc I started to worry. Yes she does eat a LOT of dairy. She loves full fat Total Greek yogurt - she goes nuts for it when i open the fridge, and now recognises the tub when at the supermarket checkout too, so whimpers and windmills arms for it there, to great amusement from checkout staff. She also eats a small peice of hard cheese nearly every day, such as Lancashire, Dolphinolme goats cheese, and various British ewes milk cheeses - she really likes the Ewes milk Swaledale one. She also eats cream cheese, ricotta or soft French goats cheese on toast or crackers every day and has cow's milk and extra rich jersey cream in porridge every day.
She will drink soups and meat juices from roasts and stews from her cup so I think she might drink breast milk from the cup, although she's never accepted a bottle. I'd hoped to avoid expressing though, as it's such a faff (I've only ever managed it with any success whilst she was feeding on other breast, but she's a lot bigger now so not sure that would work) and I go back to work full time in 2 weeks and don't want to have the stress of trying to do it there then trying to store and get it home on my bike with no spills etc. Was hoping I could just feed her in the evening when I get home from work, but she's not really interested at that time and just wants food! She whimpers for food the whole time I'm cooking, until it's in front of her. She has occasionally not had a morning feed and just wanted to go straight to porridge, which left me really uncomfortable all day, but so far she's never turned down the last breastfeed at night before she goes to bed, so that one at least should continue for a while.
Wondering if it runs in families as my Mum said I was down to 2 feeds a day by 9 months too and turned away from the breast one day at 13 months, never to return.

mybabywakesupsinging Tue 21-Jun-11 21:26:49

She sounds like she has a great diet. Wish dd could eat meat "as it comes"...and would consider breakfast a meal rather than a joke.
Ds2 only had 2 bfs a day from 9 months, as I was going back to work. And refused cups/bottles in between...he was fine.
Yoghurt is a good calcium source, I think.

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