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Fussy 10 monther - please tell me I am not alone!

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Zimm Thu 16-Jun-11 18:44:45

ARRRGH! DD is just getting fussier and fussier. I spoon feed for breakfast and dinner and lunch is always finger food, as are snacks. She will only eat sandwiches, bananas, veggie or fruit purees (with a string preference for ella's kitchen over homemade) yoghurt, rice cakes. toast, porridge, wheatabix, broccoli, sweetcorn, asparagus, carrots and pancakes. And half the time she refuses everything but yoghurt! I have tried to things like pasta/mild curry/ cous cous into her and she is seriously unimpressed. The consequence is she tops up a lot on breast milk which I would have no issue with were I not going back to work in seven weeks. How on earth do I get her 'nursery ready' e.g. eating three meals without much fuss? And given she is such a poor eater should I start training her to have some formula in a cup so she still has day milk at nursery? I was hoping to be able to skip this.

Zimm Thu 16-Jun-11 18:45:54

Forgot to add - we are vegetarians. So for protein I add lentils to her pureees and do my level best to get eggs into her.

Zimm Fri 17-Jun-11 20:16:18


MamaChocoholic Fri 17-Jun-11 21:45:49

sounds quite a varied diet to me! ds1 would only eat fruit (but not bananas), dairy and baked beans at this age. no carbs except biscuits. yoghurt also always is and still is his favourite. if she will have yoghurt at nursery, then you don't need to worry about training her to drink milk - it's about dairy, not milk specifically. though you could try her with a little cup of whole milk (fine as part of weaning foods, just not sufficiently nutritious to be main drink before 1yo).

what kind of sandwiches will she have? adding a layer of peanut butter adds protein.

we often over estimate how much solid food small babies need. "food is fun till 1". I used to moan it wasn't any bloody fun for me, trying to get food into him, but it's supposed to mean food is still a toy to them until that age (and it doesn't magically become all meaningful on their 1st birthday either).

Zimm Sat 18-Jun-11 09:52:59

Thanks MamaChocoholic - that is reassuring.

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