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Have I spoilt our chances of BLW?

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kimberlina Wed 15-Jun-11 21:30:43

DD is 7.5mo and we really like the idea of BLW.

However she seemed to get frustrated at meal times. I BF her about 30mins- 1hr before the meal so she's not too hungry.

To encourage her we started giving loaded spoons of non-pureed food and she is reasaonbly keen for these for 10 spoons or so. But now she is less keen to self feed.

Things that she likes - strawberries, banana, blueberries, tomato, shreddies and broccoli- she will pick up and eat keenly.

But things like bread, pasta, rice, cheese, meat that I think of as more solid food she will maybe stick in her mouth once but then it will fall out and she won't bother to try again - she just wants me to spoon it in to her.

What would you do?

- persevere with the bread, pasta etc and accept that lots will go on the floor
- refuse to spoon anything but make sure there is a mixture of what she likes and struggles with
- keep on spooning and offering finger food alongside

Thanks MNers

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