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Muller rice for a 1yr old?

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Trillian42 Wed 15-Jun-11 13:31:57

DD is with a childminder part time. When I was meeting her before DD started she said all her food was home-cooked, healthy etc etc. Turns out that home cooked means a jar of Dolmio for spagetti bolognese & the like hmm

But DD has no other salt intake bar butter on toast & the bread itself, so I let it go without comment. But she told me yesterday in passing how much DD likes Muller Rice. I've never given her that - never had it myself so know nothing about it. I'm not thrilled about her giving her something without asking me.

Anyone know any more about it? Is it healthy-ish or pure sugar? They don't have it in the local supermarket so can't check the label.

Not sure how to deal with this to be honest - it took 6 weeks to settle her in and she's only started. Any suggestions?

hmmSleep Wed 15-Jun-11 19:25:22

MooM00 Wed 15-Jun-11 19:43:14

It has more sugar per 100g than most kids yoghurts (and I won't even give kids yogs to my P3B) so I wouldn't give it to my dc (age 5y 6y 11m) but it's really not worth changing your childminder over .If this is the only thing wrong I'd forget it, if there are other things simmering then you need to think the whole situation through carefully. DC1 and 2 have been fed all sorts of crap by nurserys and school in their time and as the nurserys are fine other than that I say NOTHING.

Trillian42 Wed 15-Jun-11 21:45:35

Thanks for the link hmmSleep and the advice MooM00. I'm not sure if I'm being nit-picky about it because there are a couple of other small things bothering me too.

For example, she has 2 3yr old girls as well there, and she lets them run around, let off steam in her big garden while pushing DD around in a buggy. Why she won't let her off crawling on the grass is beyond me! DD very active and I feel that when she's there she's confined a lot to one small room or the high chair or the buggy... she won't let her crawl in other rooms in the house as she's worried the floor isn't clean enough. DD licks the sole of my shoes hmm hmm if I'm not looking so I'm not too bothered about where she crawls provided I keep a cloth/baby wipes handy to clean her hands afterwards.

Ok by my above rant I realise that yes, this isn't just about the yoghurt. Maybe I'll pick my battle though and ask her to let DD crawl more and ignore the food issue.

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