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starting weaning next week, does anyone want to join me?

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sweetuphoria Tue 14-Jun-11 08:49:08

Ok so I've pureed some carrots and parsnips and they are frozen and ready to go. I also plan on trying DD with banana, avocado, pear, Apple and baby rice initially. Gonna do mixture of purees and finger food.

I'm gonna start next Thursday as DD will be 24.5 wks and I work part time but have 10 days off at that time to hopefully get her taking some solids!

Anyone else want to share experiences?

Deanna1977 Fri 17-Jun-11 08:12:30

Sweetuphoria. Didn't want to leave your post unanswered. My DS2 is 6 months & I have started on baby porridge for the last few days & he just isn't interested. I have also tried a few bits of finger food (just stuff that we are having whilst sitting altogether for dinner) brocilli, sweet potato, pepper, peas (that was my DH - a tad ambitious I thought!), but not interested at all.

So I am just going to try a bit if BLW for the next week or so until I see he is more ready & then maybe add a few purees later on.

How are you getting on?

sweetuphoria Fri 17-Jun-11 08:53:30

Hi Deanna, I've tried her with a few veg purees and some baby rice and she's not interested either.

She's not quite 6mo yet though do I'm not worried yet. I might have a
go at BLW in a few weeks if she hasn't got the hang of the purees (I preferred the idea of purees because thought I'd get stressed with BLW as its more difficult to monitor how much they are eating).

Good luck!! Let me know how you get on!!

Deanna1977 Fri 24-Jun-11 22:37:56

Hello. Well I have tried again this week & he is more interested. He has played with spaghetti and bread. Will try him with some other finger food bits tomorrow.

He has had some purees (pear, sweet potato & parsnip) & porridge & seemed to enjoy it. So all going OK. How are you getting on?

sweetuphoria Sat 25-Jun-11 18:07:57

Oh good stuff seems like your LO is getting it.

tried my DD with more purees and she just doesn't want it so we've gone for finger food qnd over the last few days she's has..
roasted pepper
roasted Courgette
and after she'd gummed the cucumber she let me spoon feed her some natural yogurt.

so she's definitely getting interested in food, just prefers feeding herself.

I'm gonna try her with a carrot and parsnip puree tomorrow and some finger foods. BLW looks tempting now.

AnaisB Tue 28-Jun-11 06:53:04

Hi there,

How's it going? We started weaning DD (5 months) on Sunday. She loves it. She had banana on Sunday and sweet potato mixed with baby rice yesterday and now gets excited whenever she sees her spoon, which she likes to put in her mouth herself. She did a couple of big farts on Sunday night, but lots better than if I eat pulses/broccoli and then feed her, which she seems sensitive too. Yesterday she was super sleepy and hungry (for milk ) all day. Don't know if it's connected to weaning or just a growth spurt that started at the same time?

Do you know when they are old enough for finger foods? The baby-led weaning information seems to suggest that you can't do it too early because if they're not ready to chew they won't put it in their mouths and if they're not ready to swallow they won't move food to the back of their mouths - did I understand that right?

Timeoutofmind Tue 28-Jun-11 09:05:01

Yeah my DD prefers to feed herself too. Apart from when I gave her weetabix yesterday, she couldn't get enough and ate the lot off a spoon.
I think you're right re the BLW, and you're LO seems to be doing well on purees so if I were u I'd wait til she was nearer 6mo.

SanneSannes Tue 28-Jun-11 20:21:33

Hi there, can I join please? Started weaning my 6 month old DS last week but have only tried purees and weetabix. So far its going very well and he is very enthusiastic about it and immediately took control of the spoon (having said that, we both need a bath now after every feed). He is on 2 "meals" at the moment, weetabix in the morning and fruits / vegetables in the evening, both after milk - I dont want to rush him and move this too quickly but how do you know when you should move to 3 meals? Also, I have heard contradicting things about offering water with every feed as well, what do you do?? Many thanks sweetuphoria for starting this thread - its nice to be able to share this experience!!

sweetuphoria Tue 28-Jun-11 21:29:48

Yes my DD likes feeding herself too, but she seems to be getting the hang of it now (doing a mixture of purees and finger food). I have been giving her 2meals a day but am gonna try with 3 tomorrow and see how she goes (each meal is only a few spoonfuls).

SanneSannes I have been offering water with every meal and she will usually have a sip from a sippy cup, thought that was the right thing to do?!

SanneSannes Wed 29-Jun-11 11:57:28

sweetuphoria just spoke to my HV and dropped in the question about whether to give DS water and as you said definitely the right thing to do to offer them water after every meal - rather typical that I didnt know that (especially after I have spent some time reading up on weaning...) blush

fifipink Wed 29-Jun-11 12:07:05

my DD is 6 months and iv just started giving her purees - she favours apple puree over others at the mo and she gagged when i gave her a spaghetti bolognaise puree but im using heinz jars and at the mo im wasting quite a bit, i cant use all the jar in 2 days - its only a little bit of wastage and im sure as her appetite gets bigger she'll eat more at each meal.

im giving water with every meal (from a tommee tippee bottle).

Shes also a fan of petit filous yoghurts and the portion sizes are great!

Iv heard weetabix can lead to some nasty nappies!! and i would definitely offer my DD more water if giving her weetabix, its quite a dry food.

sweetuphoria Wed 29-Jun-11 12:35:26

Thanks SanneSanne, yeah I thought that was the case.

fifipink my DD is only having v small portions too. a jar would definitely be wasted on her. when she's had weetabix she's had less than an 8th of the weetabix and I mix it with lots of milk!

CubiksRube Thu 30-Jun-11 16:56:38

Can I join, too?

Just started DS this afternoon! He is a week off 5 months, but is sitting unaided, grabbing food and is also 20lbs (!!). Also, at 6 months I have to go back to work so I'd like to start him off on food before I give him up to nursery sad

I've started on puree (carrot and sweet potato today). He seemed to enjoy it! At first I tried to feed him puree when he was really hungry, and he screamed. But after five minutes BF he was happy to eat the puree and tried to grab the spoon. Also, no regurgitating, which is unheard of with just breast milk.

Very excited!

sweetuphoria Thu 30-Jun-11 17:22:10

Welcome CubicksRube yes I was told to try and give them food when they are not too hungry cos if they are hungry all they will want is their milk. I usually give my DD solids about an hour after her milk, she is on 2meals a day now.

AnaisB Fri 01-Jul-11 15:28:38

Yeah, DD definitely regurgitates less with solid food - I didn't know whether it was a common effect.

SannesSannes we have been offering DD water after every meal. She pours/spits a few mouthfuls down her bib and then ignores it. I don't think she'd miss it if we stopped!

We had avocado today and she ate loads. I think that and banana are joint faves at the mo.

SanneSannes Sun 03-Jul-11 18:58:24

Same here AnaisB, Ive now offered him water after every meal which is going everywhere apart from his tummy, but will continue simply to give him an opportunity to play around with the cup. Im actually amazed how much he is eating now, he doesnt seem to get enough of whatever we put in front of him - fingers crossed it will stay like that!

CubiksRube Tue 05-Jul-11 19:04:51

Mixed luck here so far!

I tried to make my own purees but can't seem to get them smooth enough - once we've moved house (just in the process now) I'll invest in something.

Til then, we've been using jars ... Ella's Kitchen tasted yummy to me (we got the mangos mangos mangos flavour) but DS didn't like it at all. It was too runny as well, in my humble opinion.

Organix have been going down well, particularly the banana and pear rice pudding, which DS really likes.

Has anyone else noticed an, erm, change in DCS poos? I miss the newborn milky ones! blush

Timeoutofmind Tue 05-Jul-11 21:10:52

CubiksRube we're having mixed luck too. Some days DD seems to enjoy her food (I'm offering her 3meals a day) and will take a few spoon fulls at each meal, then other days (like today) the mouth is clamped shut and she won't have anything.

I'm just doing my own purees (I'm not worrying about getting them too smooth) have got some jars in too incase I need them but think there will be a lot of waste if I use them!

We have had some pretty horrid nappys too smile

CubiksRube Wed 06-Jul-11 16:59:07

You're right, there is a lot of waste using jars at the beginning. DS gets through half a jar in a sitting, so I try to freeze the other half in an ice cube tray which works quite well.

Is there any sort of pattern to your DD accepting/not accepting food, or is it just random?

Timeoutofmind Wed 06-Jul-11 18:14:50

Oh I didn't think about freezing it, that's what I do with my purees so I guess its no different, although not sure that she'll even have half.

I think it seems to be just random, but also she much prefers finger food and feeding herself so some days she just won't let me spoon feed her, and if I let her feed herself she gets more of it down her front/the floor.

naturalbaby Mon 11-Jul-11 16:51:43

Hiya, my baby is 5months 3 weeks and I'm going to start this afternoon. Not sure what time to start though. Most weaning guides say mid morning between feeds but I'm out with my toddlers all morning, most mornings.

He's been chomping on chunks of fruit and cucumber for a week and I did BLW with his big brother but think I'm going to do 1/2 and 1/2 this time.

I've not made any purees yet, just pumped a bit of milk for porridge and off to the supermarket later to get some veggies. Got lots of pureed fruit pots for his big brothers so will sneak a bit of those then let them finish them.

Pussinglads Tue 12-Jul-11 14:00:15

Can I join too?

We're a few days in. DD has eaten (and loved) carrot puree, apricot puree and baby rice. She's got sweet potato puree for tea.

I've got the river cottage cookbook and plan to move more onto BLW when she's 6 mths and can have more stuff. For now, I plan to give her rice or porridge for breakfast (made with her formala milk) and a puree a day for lunch or dinner, and see how she gets on.

She's 5 mths, sits (almost) unaided, vg hand-mouth co-ordination, 18lb.

Timeoutofmind Wed 13-Jul-11 20:51:41

Welcome pussinglads. My DD is nearly 6.5 mo and doing pretty well, on 3meals a day. But I'm keeping her portions small as I don't want her to cut her milk too quickly. We don't really do puddings either, I just offer her fruit as finger food instead which she loves to suck and gum.

Gave her omelette today which she enjoyed sucking but think she only ate a minimal amount.

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