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Toddler won't/can't chew meat

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sparkleshine Mon 13-Jun-11 23:04:24

My 18month old DS won't eat any meat apart from chicken and that has to be in fine shredded pieces. I've tried pork, lamb, steak and sometimes even mince. It's like he takes one bite and decides it's too much hassle chewing it. It's like he's just too lazy to chew more than he has to.
I disguise it and try to put sauces over it making it soggy, or mix with potatoes and he still won't eat it. I do cut it into small pieces but it makes no difference.
Any suggestions? Do I have to go back to the pureed days of blending it or will he just grow out of this phase?

Maelstrom Mon 13-Jun-11 23:06:10

Are you providing any alternatives when he refuses to eat?

sparkleshine Tue 14-Jun-11 01:44:24

No not really. He generally seems to like the rest of it just not the meat, although once he realises meat is in there, he gets put off slighty. He has never had a big appetite anyway. I'm sure he doesn't eat enough in a day.

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