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Finger food ideas for 11 mo

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PeanutButter99 Sat 11-Jun-11 17:25:15

Hi. DS is 11 mo and at the moment takes breakfast of pureed fruit and ready brek and lunch of any combination of mashed up veg, potatoes, lentils, rice, chicken, fish etc.

I give him finger food in the evening but most often it's just toast or cereal or something else equally as handy. He does eat potato waffles and fish finges but I don't want to give him these things too often. I feel he needs something more substantial now and more like a proper meal.

I read in Annabel Karmels book a few recipes involving fish and chicken balls. Basically making them up with potato and coating them with breadcrumbs. Does anyone know if they would freeze well so all I had to do was just lightly fry them. Or maybe throwing them in the deep fat fryer would be better but is this not bad too? So please any recipes would be great. I'm a full time working mother and don't get home with DS until about 6.30.

BTW DS still hs no teeth!!

TittyBojangles Sat 11-Jun-11 20:06:09

Teeth don't matter. My DS (7mo BLW) has pretty much all finger food other than yoghurt and weetabix on loaded spoons. Pieces of fruit/veg, strips of steak/chicken, polenta, little burgers/fishcakes/sweetcorn fritters etc, pasta, anything really. The fishcakes are easy, mix mash with tuna, egg, flour and fry (could make these in a batch and then reheat in the oven), could also add whatever veg you like. Could you try giving him whatever you are having for your tea and seeing how he gets on with it, there's not much they can't eat.

Bumperlicioso Sat 11-Jun-11 20:15:55

Roast chicken
Curry and rice
Potato wedges
Cheese on toast
Pancakes (sweet or savoury)

CharlotteBronteSaurus Sat 11-Jun-11 20:22:51

home made burgers (forgot the junk food connotations - it's just mince, egg and breadcrumbs)
frittata cut into strips
home made potato wedges
steamed carrot/brocolli/asparagus

dd2 has no teeth and manages the above.

PeanutButter99 Sun 12-Jun-11 11:55:54

Thanks. Completely forgot about things like omlette, quesadilla and fritattas, oops blush. I'm a big pasta lover and have given DS all shapes and sizes of pasta but he pushes all of them out of his mouth or throws it on the floor. I'll keep trying though smile
And as for having what we eat, he does, after his toast!! But he'll only eat half a veg stick before it goes on the floor!
How does anyone fill their child if they're doing BLW? Or maybe I just don't do it properly grin

CharlotteBronteSaurus Sun 12-Jun-11 12:40:36

peanut, IMVHO the success of BLW depends a bit on whether the child's appetite matches their dexterity and chewing ability. dd1 had a massive appetite, but was very adept at handling and chewing finger foods right from the start, so was able to manage pure BLW.

dd2 also has a huge appetite, but is not very dextrous, and has no teeth, so we offer mashed foods on a spoon alongside finger foods. Just offering finger foods left her terribly frustrated, as she was hungry, but unable to get much in.

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