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Some weaning questions from a novice!

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Moulesfrites Tue 07-Jun-11 18:55:11

Ds is 20 weeks, we are planning to wait until around 6 months to wean but have started to think about it now...

Friends who have waited til 6 months have started with fruit and veg purees, only 1 meal at first etc. But my understanding is that by 6 months they need meat, dairy, fish etc? Can we go straight into this or do we need to build up slowly?

We have bought some ella's kitchen pouches as they were on offer, but they are all just fruit and will we fit these into ds's diet?

Also, we were planning on offering some finger foods, adopt parts of blw that appeal to us, without doing it prescriptively. Would this mix and match approach work?

With this in nd, I know blw says to just give baby what you have, but we don't have tea until after ds has gone to bed. Dh suggested we keep some of our tea and give it to ds the following night - would this work? Is is ok to reheat in microwave?

Also, friends have suggested not warming up purees as this causes hassle when out and about. Really? Seems strange to offer them cold food, ESP when something savoury like lamb hot pot!

Sorry for the many questions!

Lady1nTheRadiator Tue 07-Jun-11 19:03:41

Hello smile

From 6 months babies can have almost anything - no honey, no whole nuts (obviously!) and no salt - I think that is about the extent of the restrictions. How you decide to approach weaning is up to you, we launched in with things like bolognaise with DS, but DD had a bit of puree, I don't think there is a one-size-fits-all.

Ella's pouches and the like are great for convenience and when out and about - I stir some into natural yoghurt for DD.

I don't think there is anything wrong with the mix-and-match and don't think there is a need to get hung up on labels. I 'did' BLW with DS as it suited a bit better then, DD less so and I do a mix of spoon-feeding and finger foods, and I am happy with how it's going (she is 7 months) and apparently so is she. So yes just do what suits you as a family.

Reheating your dinner the next day is a great way of making sure you are only cooking once, so yeah, do it!

And lastly I have never given DD cold-from-the-fridge food except for yoghurt, but each to their own!

Sorry that was all a bit garbled...

LaCiccolina Thu 09-Jun-11 18:22:06

Hey, I waited to 6mths. I started (4days ago) with baby rice. DD liked it. I didnt really see the point of it til I added something else with it as it then reminded me more of food than thick milk. DH came home with a baby porridge so tried that the next day. Shes also had a couple of purees (aubergine, looked FOUL but she liked it), carrot sticks, parsnip sticks and er some chicken pinched out of my sandwich. Oh! And banana. She had that straight out of the skin. I left about an inch or two at the bottom and she sucked it like an icecream.

I figure those things are unlikely to be allergenic or at least arent in my family. Ive found it hard to stick to breakfast as it depends what time you get up, can be 11 before they get anything depending what else is going on and I am going by the advice I heard to do it away from a milk feed so they aren't ravenously hungry when you do it so those days I switched to 'lunch'. Cant say shes eating so much as rolling round her mouth, playing with the spoon, waving carrot sticks around or just squishing them in her fist before aiming for her mouth and wiping it all over her face and smiling a lot. Plainly by the nappy somethings going in but nothing Id call food, more messy play with some swallowed.

Thinking about what Ive read, if trying fish etc dont introduce another new food for 3 days after to be sure of no allergy reaction. DD has had meat off my plate and sucked it but again wouldn't really call it eating as that I guess will be more obvious in a few more days when we have more practice. I suppose if shes not eaten something hot she wont know it can be heated. I have heated all stuff but fruit as I found it more palatable for me to eat and copy her with so we were playing together rather than any other reason. Cold steamed carrot didn't float my boat.... Happy playing!!!

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