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allergies and weaning

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daisychainsaws Tue 07-Jun-11 09:00:42

My DD is nearly 7 months so we're early on in the weaning process. It started off really well, she's happy to eat pretty much anything put in front of her - she'll take food from a spoon and will feed herself. However, she had a pretty severe reaction to eggs, [requiring an a&e visit] and we're waiting for the test results to confirm it.

She also has eczema, and certain foods seem to make it worse, tomatoes definitely and I think maybe cows milk [eg cream, yoghurt etc].

I'm sort of now stuck on potatoes, meat and vegetables pretty much on their own. I really want to give her a variety of tastes, but I've run out of ideas. I also don't want to make her eczema worse as she scratches it and we then have to resort to hydracortisone [sp?] cream again which I don't want to have to keep using.

Anyone been through anything similar and can offer advice?

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