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Starting solids and going back to work

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Deliaskis Mon 06-Jun-11 13:13:32

Anyone else had the unfortunate timing of these things being due to happen at around the same time. I will be going back at 6 months, which all being well be around the time that DD is ready to start on solids. She will be with my Mum one day a week, MIL two days a week and nursery two days a week. Has anyone else had this kind of timing, and any tips of how to manage it successfully, how to keep tabs on how things are going and (needy icon) how to feel like I understand and know my DD's habits/likes/dislikes etc.

Any tips or advice on managing this would be very gratefully received.


sweetuphoria Tue 07-Jun-11 21:56:57

My DD is 5mo and I've just gone back part time. MIL or DH will be looking after her when I'm at work.

I am taking a week off when she turns 6mo and gonna start weaning then. When she goes to MIL I will just send her with some food that she has tried before and has been ok with, then on my days off i will try her with new tastes.

That's the plan anyway!

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