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8.5 mo off his milk - Advice needed!

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pocketyacey Sun 05-Jun-11 20:22:38

Firts time poster so not up on terminology.
8.5mo weaned from 5 months and took to it really well. Has varied diet and three good sized meal per day.
Typical brekkie of weetabix or porridge w.formula/yoghurt/ella's brekkie mixed in
Lunch and dinner = home made dinner/pouch followed by yoghurt/dessert jar

Feeding not an issue but in last week has drastically reduced formula intake. Has only been on 2 x 7oz bottles since 6 months (dropped afternoon bottle at 6months). Was draining 7oz in morning (B4 breakfast) and evening (after dinner at bedtime).

Now taking 2-4ozs in morning and nothing in evening. Am mixing a few ozs in with brekkie but struggling to get any formula in him. Sips water throughout day from cup, stools/pee all OK and regular.

Worried about fluid intake/calcium etc. So much conflicting advice; he seems fine and is gaining weight exactly as per health chart. Do I need to worry? And; if I have to get more formula in to him, how do I do it?!?

FeelingHip Mon 06-Jun-11 17:54:00

Hi, am having the same problem (reduced formula) but my LO isn't weaned yet (only 20 weeks). Have tried using fast teats but it hasn't worked. He was drinking c. 240ml x5 and now it's typically 140ml x5. He seems fine, getting him weighted tomorrow, but he's definitely still growing! Sorry, no advice (assuming you already use fast teats?) but just wanted to let you know you're not alone! Someone mentioned that Aptamil (and I think C&G) have made a change to their formula!?

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