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Milk quantity - confused again..

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SharkSkinThing Sat 04-Jun-11 13:57:25

Hi Everyone, hoping for a bit of help....having a crisis of confidence for some reason..

DS is 10.5 months. Just finished BF (due to some razor sharp teeth action). On three meals a day and good quantity of dairy. Also on three 7oz bottles of formula. One on waking, one an hour after lunch, and one a couple of hours after dinner before bed.

Is this too much milk? I still have it in my head that a pint of milk is ok until they're one, though with the dairy he's probably a bit over.

He's only just started sleeping through (7pm - 5am) so i don't want to reduce massively as he's clearly got a lovely full belly by the end of the day, but I''m worried I'm compromising his appetite for food?

Should I leave things are as they are until he's one, then switch to cows milk and work on reducing the lunch time milk with a view to it going completely?

He's not much of a snacker, I guess because the poor lad doesn't have a chance to get hungry! grin

Seona1973 Sat 04-Jun-11 17:05:26

a minimum of 20oz is recommended until 1 year when it drops to around 12oz. It was around that your lo's age that ds dropped to 2 milk feeds and I replaced the lost feed with a snack and drink of water. He sounds as if he is doing fine so I would maybe leave things as they are for now.

SharkSkinThing Sat 04-Jun-11 18:36:29

Seona, thank you - I really appreciate your advice.

Having one of those 'don't know what I'm doing' days! xx

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