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My 16 months old son dosn't like to eat - Help please!

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fussyeater Thu 26-May-11 13:07:40

He only takes some milk and snack everyday, like crisps and biscuit hardly any proper food. We have tried anything we can but he just seems not interested in it. We took him to the doctor and can find nothing wrong with him physically.
He used to have very bad reflux when he was a baby and severely underweight and I think that's one of the reasons make him not eat properly now. Also my mum who helps me loook after him used to force feed him when he was younger so we are almost sure it is a psychological problem.
I am very worried about his growth now as he looks tiny compared to other children at the same age also I am concerned that it may develop into a long term problem for him. Please give me advice if you have similar experience..... Thanks a lot!

Albrecht Wed 01-Jun-11 10:12:04

Sorry to hear you are having such a stressful time. My ds is 11 months and doesn't eat much solid food, he's still having nearly as much milk as he was at 6 months. Its hard not to worry.

I agree force feeding probably didn't help. I'd keep giving the milk as he will be getting a lot of good stuff from that. Does he get upset at mealtime? Can you leave some snacks on a play table at his height through the day. It might be messy but even if he just plays with it, its him getting used to controlling his own food. Things like crackers, oatcakes, breadsticks, cheese, bits of fruit and veg that he can pick at.

Everytime you go to the supermarket get a new type of cracker, veg etc so he can try new foods - eventually he might take to some of them.

Also eat the same stuff in front of him as he may like to copy you.

Good luck!

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