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weaning worries

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Payney Tue 16-Sep-03 16:35:41

I started my four month old ds on some baby rice a week and a half ago as he was demolishing his 8 oz feeds and still wanted more. He is now on a couple of teaspoons of baby porridge for brekkie and some baby rice at tea time. What I want to know is, should I reduce the amount of milk that he has with these solid meals or should he still have the same amount? Also, when can I go on to something a bit more interesting than baby rice (pureed carrots for example)? He seems quite keen on the eating business (providing he isn't absolutely starving in which case he wants his bottle immediately!)so I wouldn't mind varying his food. At which point do you introduce dessert?

Angeliz Tue 16-Sep-03 16:37:12

i used to make the rice with her milk so it evened out.....

LIZS Tue 16-Sep-03 16:45:51

At this age I don't think you should be reducing milk intake deliberately yet but you could try offering it after or in between the solid meals and take your cue from him. You can start other purees whenever you and he are ready - dd never had baby rice on its own as it is not readily available here - however babies apparently don't mind a bland diet. Presumably the porridge doesn't contain gluten but I was shocked how many things labelled as suitable from 4 months did. I was advised to get mine eating 100 - 150g of one dish (small jar) before adding an extra course.

maomao Tue 16-Sep-03 17:45:13

I don't think you actually reduce the amount of milk feeds until 6 months or so. I think that their primary source of calories is still supposed to come from milk.

hermykne Tue 16-Sep-03 18:53:38

if you are formula feeding there is a guide on the box, if not perhaps a milupa or similar website has a guideline for amts babys need at each month.
they need their milk for quite awhile yet.

as for other foods you can try now bit by bit each day if he is willing and you want to try varying it. pureed though so he has no problem swallowing.

aloha Tue 16-Sep-03 20:13:45

Don't reduce the milk. Increase it if anything as it is his primary source of nutrition and calories. You can add pureed food eg carrot or pear if you want. Mix it with the baby rice to start.

AussieSim Tue 16-Sep-03 20:45:44

I would recommend the Gina Ford weaning book. When I started weaning at 4.5mths the breast was always offered first and then the food, and he cut down on the lunch time breastfeed himself to gobble up more veges. Until 6mths milk should be their main source of nutrition and food is just a 'first taste, or filler'.

MumOfLeo Sat 20-Sep-03 15:14:31

I also used Gina Ford for weaning (and everything else!). Her methods worked perfectly for our ds (7 mos). The step-by-step directions were marvelous. You can also just read the "Introducing Solids" section in the *Contented Little Baby Book*.

singingmum Sat 20-Sep-03 16:30:24

My son had first xmas dinner at 4 months as was on baby rice at 6 weeks.As for pudding there are some good satchet puddings about for babys.Both my kids loved the banana pudding.If he's hungry you might find he won't be so much with pureed carrots etc.By the way full xmas dinner including small amount of turkey and gravy to smash it all together.I know there are guidelines but just follow what you believe your child can handle it's better for them.My two can eat just about anything and not get bad stomach.Stomach problems rare with my two and my friend who followed guidelines to letter has small child who can get ill quite easily.Know it's not good for some but if child seems ready then go for it.
Good luck

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