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Portion size for 9-10 month old?

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Meandacat Fri 14-Jan-11 14:02:00

I'm getting a bit paranoid about correct portion size. And ys, I know babies are supposed to be able to regulate their own intake at this age, but I'm still wondering if I'm doing the right thing.

Basically, I'll feed my DD a full 190g jar of stage 2 food at each meal, i.e. lunch and dinner, along with a full pot of yoghurt or fruit dessert. She's gets a smaller bowl of banana porridge for breakfast and a couple of snacks in between (e.g. 1/3 of a banana, couple of fingers of toast etc.), though we're not consistent with snacks.

I'd kind of assumed that the jars contained more or less the ideal portion size for a meal. But what's making me paranoid is when I come to make food following an Annabel Karmel recipe and it says "makes 8 portions" and yet my end result seems to equate to about half that. And all baby food storage pots for 7 months+ hold signigicantly less than 190g. And then Stage 7 pouches all hold more like 130-140g. Wtf? Why such a discrepancy between jars and everything else?

I haven't had DD weighed in quite some time as I've had no other reason to go to the HV. She definitely tubby (some 9-12 mo dresses, I can't do up the bottom button)but i thought that was normal. She's only started crawling in the last week.

Am I being stupid? Do I need to pay more attention to portion size? And if not, where can I get bigger sized baby food storage pots?

Fifilottie Fri 14-Jan-11 14:30:26

I am not sure of the answer either,but am interested in this thread as I have aways wondered. I am not convinced that baby's can self regulate their food intake(can children? can adults?)> My DD is currently eating next to nothing...going through a phase and I am sure that her body is hungry. Anyway my DD is 10 months and I normally give her half a stage 2 jar at a time(they keep for 48 hours)plus finger foods, if they get eaten at all. I only ever give deserts at tea time(however at the moment none of this counts as she seems to only want to eat yoghurt )....but these are probably not the right or average amounts and I guess it depend on the size of the baby. Am watching this space for answers too!! Sorry I couldn't help more.

AngelDog Fri 14-Jan-11 22:28:54

I'd ignore the jars and Annabel Karmel. I give DS some food and keep supplying it till he stops. He's 12 months now and has been at the same centile for weight for the last 9 months. But we do BLW so I have no idea how much he eats, and it varies wildly from meal to meal.

Babies do regulate their own appetites as long as they're not coerced / coaxed to.

Adults don't regulate their own appetites as they were often trained out of it as children (eg told they had to finish what was on their plate etc). Social pressures are also stronger too, I think.

mousymouse Fri 14-Jan-11 22:34:21

I do as angeldog does. I give food as much as dd (13m) wants. the amount varies a lot. I don*t use jars, so have no idea how much in grams it is, but tonight she had a bowl of pasta (one of the ikea ones, nearly full), a pot of fromage frais and a breadstick.
don*t worry about the clothes just dress her in what fits, sometimes the sizing is just weird...

TortillaDeMaiz Sat 15-Jan-11 10:51:45

Give him as much food as he wants. In general a baby's stomach can take MAXIMUM about 30 mL per kg of weight. That means about a cup for a 8-9 kg baby. But of course, if they also have milk or snacks in between meals you shouldn't worry if he eats less than a cup either.

The avent storage cups may be of the right size for you. They come in 2 sizes and can also used for storing expressed milk.

Meandacat Sat 15-Jan-11 18:30:29

Thanks to everyone who replied.

I have never had to coerce DD to eat, (except for a one-off, week-long phase at 7 mos when she didn't want anything except cauliflower cheese - still no idea what that was all about confused).

I think I'll just try and use my instinct then! And be grateful for the fact that she's a good eater.

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