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When does the 'throwing everything on the floor' stage end?!! :-)

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BelieveInLife Wed 12-Jan-11 08:49:48

My 14 month old eats pretty well. We did a combo of BLW and purees and he never refused anything. Around a year he started to refuse to be spoon fed so it's been purely BLW from then on and his appetite dropped but I know this is normal.

However, since about 9 months he's been dropping food on the floor, often without even trying it first.

I don't think it's a not liking it problem. Yesterday lunchtime I gave him 3 fail safe foods that he always loves and he threw them all on the floor without even taking a bite.

I've been keeping calm, but it's wearing a bit thin now and I find myself getting a bit cross with him.

When does it end and what's the best way to handle it?

AKMD Wed 12-Jan-11 12:14:59

DS (10mo) is like this and we handle it by having a bowl of his food, which we use as a 'holding bay' before transferring small amounts onto his plate. He seems a lot happier to eat this way, whereas before he would throw everythign on his plate onto the floor, which we then picked up and gave back to him before he would eat it. A plastic under the highchair mat that you can wash down helps too.

BelieveInLife Wed 12-Jan-11 12:51:19

Thanks AKMD but that's what we already do. It makes no difference if we give him one or two pieces at a time, or a whole plate full, it just all goes on the floor if he decides so!

Rosebud05 Wed 12-Jan-11 23:30:24

I think they pretty much all do the 'finding out about gravity' thing at about that age.

What helped us with dd was sitting her at a low table and chairs rather than a high chair, so that she could get out when she wanted and the floor wasn't so far away so not as interesting to throw things on to.

It will pass, though 'tis quite wearing.

BelieveInLife Thu 13-Jan-11 15:00:25

Thanks Rosebud, might try a low table and chair. Have just bought a booster seat for the dining table too as maybe he'll prefer sitting right up with us instead of in a separate chair.

I kept with the "it will pass" thing for months but as you say, it is quite wearing after a while!

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