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10 months eating less than before

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GuernseyFrench Thu 30-Dec-10 13:52:52

My 10 and 1/2 months old DS has been weaned from 6 months and really enjoys his food. He is on a mix of spoon and finger food. We are on a chunky stage of food.

My issue is that for the last few days, he is eating less than he normally does. He will feed himself with a spoon but only a few and will reject finger food very quickly (throw the food on the floor). He is not ill and has been teething but this has never stopped him eating before. He however will have no issue eating yogurt.

He normally has:
8am: ready brek with milk, fruit and piece of bread/toast
12pm: chunky veg and meat puree, yogurt and piece of bread
4pm: yogurt and sometime a small biscuit
6pm: veggie dish and a compote
6.30pm: 150ml of formula

I think I am just worried that he is regressing into the feeding and need to know that this attitude is normal (ish)

angelfirstxmastimer Mon 03-Jan-11 21:16:54

My DS is almost 10 months and has reduced his food intake in the last few days. I was putting it down to teething but would be interested to hear the responses you get. My DS is BLW and now FF after 9 months of EBF

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