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Sitting unaided before weaning?

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butternut234 Tue 28-Dec-10 05:13:44

Hi there

I've read advice that it's not a good idea to wean before 6 months because - apart from all the other reasons - babies may not be able to sit unaided.

My son is almost 6 months and I am planning to start him on solids at 6 months (he's only had breast milk so far). I am debating whether to go the usual route or try BLW. But... he can't sit unaided yet (and he's nowhere near). Does that completely rule out BLW?

Should I feed him in his reclining bouncy chair? He wouldn't be able to cope with a high chair.

I can't put off weaning him much beyond 6 months as we suspect he's intolerant to wheat and CMP when in my breast milk so the dietician has give me a schedule of when I should introduce wheat/cow's milk - first of all back into my breast milk and then to him directly - and it's supposed to be after other foods have been tried and accepted.

I can't leave the introduction of dairy/wheat too late as apparently it could end up making him intolerant/allergic otherwise.

Does that mean I've got to go down the puree route?


butternut234 Tue 28-Dec-10 05:15:19

(Don't know why I said his chair was 'bouncy' confused - it's just a baby one which can be rocked or set still, with a harness).

festivefriedawhingesagain Tue 28-Dec-10 05:41:16

Sitting upright is part of the signs of readiness for weaning, but they don't neccessarily need to sit unaided exactly - DS was quite supported in his highchair (Tripp Trapp) which kept him upright, was sitting alone for only a few seconds before tipping over on the floor.

However, for BLW, sitting upright is essential, as part of the reason it is safe, is because the food is moved upwards to the back of the mouth and will fall out if they are not managing it. I would not give finger foods to a young baby semi reclined in a bouncy type change as they may be more likely to gag/choke.

I would wait another couple of weeks or so. I did BLW with DS at 6 months, purees with DD at 18/20 weeks, and BLW was much better/easier all round, can't recommend it enough.

The Gill Rapley book explains really well about the mechanics of moving food around and why being upright is so important (better than I can at 5am anywaygrin )

ben5 Tue 28-Dec-10 06:11:19

ds1 was able to sit in chair happily so he had food. ds2 was able to sit before he was weaned but thats another story

blueberrysantabait Tue 28-Dec-10 07:44:55

Do you have a bumbo or something similar - DD2 can sit unaided but we use the bumbo for feeding time at the zoo! as she can sit on the table next to us and have bits off our plates onto the tray. They are recommended from when baby has total head control. I would give it a try like that ratehr than in a reclined seat if you want to try BLW. I have done BLW with both DDs although DD2 does get some food (breakfast) fed to her as I don't have the time I had with DD1 to let her feed herself before the we need to get out the house.

Panzee Tue 28-Dec-10 08:23:32

Mine was nowhere near sitting up on his own at 6 months. I put him upright in the high chair and stuck a pillow in there to stop him tipping over.

butternut234 Tue 28-Dec-10 08:33:59

I do have a bumbo but I have only used it once for 10 mins as read it was actually bad for them? Would be perfect though if ok as even has a little tray...

blueberrysantabait Tue 28-Dec-10 09:00:57

I thought they were recommended by orthopaedics and physios? I go mine from my physio's office when I was expecting DD1. I have never had any problems with iot and DD1 at 2 still uses it to watch telly - she says it is very comfy.

RJandA Tue 28-Dec-10 09:58:15

I wouldn't feed purees to a baby in a reclined position either - I would go for a high chair with a cushion (or a towel stuffed round DC), or the bumbo.

lunafire Tue 28-Dec-10 19:19:38

DS wasn't anywhere sitting unaided at 26 weeks so we just waited. Turned out we didn't have to wait too long...he had his first solids blw style (steamed carrot sticks) at 29 weeks smile

monkeyjamtart Wed 29-Dec-10 00:47:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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