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Possibly silly question re sippy cups, water and wet clothes...

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Jammers Mon 20-Dec-10 16:58:28

Happily ds seems to love his sippy cup and with some guidance is managing to drink water. I only started with this yesterday and each time he drinks, the bit that he inevitably spits out (or rather lets dribble out) ends up soaking his clothes around his neck. I have tried plastic bibs but it still seems to seep through to his clothes. In this weather I can't let him hang out in clothes that are even a little bit wet and I can't be changing his outfit every time I offer the cup! How do others deal with this?!

Justalittlereindeer Mon 20-Dec-10 18:26:29

Urggghh, I remember that stage. Did my head in, as she just ended up soaked constantly.

It does pass though.

How old is he?

Jammers Mon 20-Dec-10 20:01:25

Just 6mo. I assume it passes when they learn to hold all the water in their mouths and swallow? Wish it was summer then I wouldn't need to bother so much!

LeChatRouge Mon 20-Dec-10 20:06:34

Could you offer it hourly or so? Then he might drink it rather than spit it out? I seem to recall my lot messing about if they weren't really thirsty and letting it fall out of their mouths.

Also do you have plastic backed cloth bibs? Or use a muslin under his chin?

Another thing - does the lid have a small hole in it opposite the spout? This means the contents can gush out as this allows the air in - I found cups with no holes in and they had to suck to get the water out, much better.

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