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Encouraging eating - should I stop?

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mistletoeploppy Fri 10-Dec-10 10:23:40

I'm a bit overweight and have always had an issue with not knowing when to stop eating (ie am greedy blush)

DS, 13mo is quite a good eater, we did BLW, but sometimes if he eats less than usual I panic - once he slows down, I tend to start the tricks to get him to eat; applauding enthusiastically when he put another bit in his mouth etc. He's so easy going I worry I'm making him ignore his 'full signals'

Is it ok to 'encourage' or should I really be trusting him, even if he only eats 4 mini shredded wheats for breakfast? confused

I don't want to break him blush

jacquiel Fri 10-Dec-10 10:26:33

Personally i think ef he is 'quite a good eater' then put the food out, and do not encourage him.
If he is hungry he will eat.
He will not starve himself.
If he hasnt eaten it in a reasonable time - eg 20 minutes? Take it away and go onto another activity

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