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Am I giving DS too much cow's milk?

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stubbornstains Wed 08-Dec-10 14:06:17

We seem to get through a hell of a lot of the stuff, with 1 or 2 of his 3 meals a day containing it....Porridge, rice pudding, cheese quite a lot of yogurt.

We've just stopped the last daytime breastfeed at 10 months, so he's having afternoon snacks too, but I wondered- what do you do when you stop the bedtime and early morning feeds? (I'm planning to at about the 1 year mark). It seems to be traditional to give them a sippy cup of warm milk at bedtime, and sometimes an early morning cup too, but is that just an overload of moo juice?

Wigeon Wed 08-Dec-10 21:24:22

I think they are still meant to be having around two thirds of a pint of milk each day, from 12 months. My DD had (still has, at 2.5 yrs!) a tommee tippee of warm milk in the morning, and one after her lunchtime nap (used to be at bedtime, but now she is potty trained it didn't seem fair to give her a big cup of milk just before bed and expect her to be dry through the night).

Personally I think it's a bit of an inexact science, but even if your DS is having milk in foods, he still probably needs milk as a drink too. I'm not sure what the disadvantage is, and full-fat milk has loads of vitamins, essential fats etc etc in it as well.

stubbornstains Mon 13-Dec-10 11:17:17

Thanks Wigeon! You're the only one who replied to this riveting question (yawn!)

I might be being a bit of a hippy re: the cow's milk thing; some say too many dairy products make you all snotty. Well, DS is certainly snotty....

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