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help with 1yo please!

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shoesies Wed 08-Dec-10 08:59:46

Ds turned one last week and he had his 12 month review with the health visitor yesterday - TOTAL waste of time. She is very nice but so useless at actually giving any information so I need some help please!

Ds currently has 3 bottles of formula a day and three meals with various snacks inbetween. I know we should be moving on to cows milk now - he is happy to have it with his cereal but refuses to drink any milk (formula or cows) out of his sippy cup although he will have water out of it. Should I be really trying to encourage him so we can ditch the bottles or can he go on a bit longer? I'm reluctant to upset his bedtime routine by trying him on a cup just before bed as he's sleeping quite well now (after a long battle!) but I've heard its not good for teeth or speech development to stay on the bottle too long.
What are other peoples routines re eating and drinking with their 1yo? As I've never really had any help from HV we've kind of been winging it for a while blush

Any advice appreciated!

Bobby99 Wed 08-Dec-10 09:49:57

No advice I'm afraid, but I will be watching your thread with interest as my DD is 11 months so I've been thinking about how to phase in cows milk and ditch the bottles in the New Year. DD will drin cows milk from a cup in small quantities, but probably not enough to compensate for the bottles. She also has 3 bottles a day.

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