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Gah. DD suddenly hates Readybrek.

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Species8472 Fri 03-Dec-10 11:41:10

DD (17m) has always loved Readybrek and could get loads of it down her at breakfast. Now suddenly she hates it and I can't get any into her.

We were visiting family in Australia for 3 weeks, where she didn't have any Readybrek, as it's not sold over there, and we tried another type of rougher porridge that she wasn't keen on, and now we're home she hates the RB as well! Today she had a fromage frais and some blueberries. She had one spoon of RB, which she promptly spat out. Aargh. She doesn't seem to like any other cereals and isn't keen on bread/toast either. What the hell can I give her for a proper breakfast? confused. Is 17m a prime age for fussy eating, as other formerly popular things are getting short shrift as well?

tillymama Fri 03-Dec-10 12:21:16

I think they all start asserting their independence with food at some stage.

DD went off breakfast in its entirety some months ago! The only thing you can guarantee she'll eat is scrambled egg/omelette! But that's not practical most mornings.

She now generally grazes on a bowl of fruit, dry cereal, crackers, cheese for most of the morning instead.

She gets some food in her, and we don't have low flying soggy cereal everywhere.

Species8472 Fri 03-Dec-10 12:49:37

Thanks! I might try some dry cereal. She doesn't like eggs either....!

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