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Day 2 of baby rice = green poo!

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flexab23 Wed 01-Dec-10 20:52:51

Yesterday I gave my 26 week old dd (born 6 wks early) her first taste of baby rice really thinned down with ebm and she lapped up about 10-12 baby spoons - success. BUT then at 04.30 this morning I had to change her before continuing the feed as she STANK to high heaven and normally I can't smell anything through cloth nappies. This was followed by 3 more poos that morning and arvo, the final one being bright green!

She has also developed nappy rash overnight and now I've read this could be an allergy or a sign she is not ready developmentally for solids - help! Anyone else had same experience?

She seemed to enjoy eating and has since been watching me eat with interest.

Today I made the rice a bit thicker and she got more on her chin than in her mouth and so far no more explosive poo...before the early morning explosion she hadn't been for 5 days which was unusual as she normally goes every other day. Should I continue or give it a break for a week or so?

Sorry for lengthy message!

LIZS Thu 02-Dec-10 15:49:50

Is it fortified ? Could be the iron content and if you make it thick you may find she gets constipated.

eastendmummy Thu 02-Dec-10 22:29:43

I'm not sure whether she's allergic, but I think that some babies do react when they have something other than bm/ff introduced. Have you tried something other than baby rice? Fruits/veg are all good and if she's able to hold food herself then just cut them into batons and steam and let her suck/chew on them - much tastier than baby rice. I've let DS2 just eat a bit of what we eat since starting weaning at 26 weeks and it's going great - much easier than when I started weaning DS1 at about 20 weeks when I went down the baby rice/puree route. He eats plenty and is enjoying every new thing offered.

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