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adice please on milk feeds

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catdoctor Tue 30-Nov-10 20:41:57

I'm sure this is an old chestnut, but I'm getting in a right tizz over this-

bab 20 wo, EBF - will NOT take bottle - just a shriek-athon - have tried a reasonable amount of the usual tricks advised

Point is, looking at going to nursery poss 6mo - I'm aiming to continue bf-ing - what's best to do - persist with every bottle, combo or go straight to cups?

Advice please - which cups to try if that's the way to go and also how to orgaise bf-ing around working day - I'm convinced he's going to be dehydrated within minutes of me abdandoning him at nursery on first day!

Thank-you ladies

TheSugarPlumFairy Wed 01-Dec-10 13:46:25

try a tommee tippee free flow first cup. It doesn't require him to suck for the liquid to come out. They seem to work very well as first cups.

mamma1mia Wed 01-Dec-10 18:20:03

I Ebf my DD until 24 weeks and then switched to formula for the day, but bf first feed of the day and last feed before bed (this was 2 weeks ago in preparation for going back to work this Monday). To start with LO refused the bottle, regardless of who was feeding her. Someone recommended the 'breastflow bottles' by first years and she took to them straightaway (only a slight whinge to start with. They mimic bf so was the closest type of bottle I could find. After a week she was used to bottle feeding, so switched to tommee tipee closest to nature bottles just because they have less parts for sterilising so it is just easier and she took to them fine (previously point blank refused). Hope that helps.

MaElsie Wed 01-Dec-10 20:06:24

tommee tippee all the way. The cheap ones work fine. Don't bother with the really complicated ones. Just give little sips to begin with so the baby isn't frightened by the flow, but they should pick it up quickly.

Our baby wouldn't take a bottle at all (at least not more than a few sips). But once we started with a cup she very quickly learnt how to use it herself and also how to drink without the lid on too.

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