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Next (vegetarian?) step for 27 weeks?

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Unrulysun Mon 29-Nov-10 11:13:39

Dd is eagerly gulping down baby rice and mashed fruit and veg and gnawing on chunks of banana/apple/pear and a random persimmon!

I'm now thinking about getting away from just fruits and vegetables but I'm not keen on the idea of meat or dairy for such a young tummy. I'd appreciate advice on next foods. My thinking is to introduce some lentils, grains (pearl barley etc) and beans with plenty of veg. Any ideas or feedback on that would be gratefully received.

Lizbertnobacon Tue 30-Nov-10 19:21:50

Me and my 6mo dd are veggie, I have just started weaning and I am giving her pretty much what I eat. So this week for example she has had mashed up pasta with tomato and veg sauce, leek and potato soup, mushroom soup, colcannon and lentil shepards pie. She seems to enjoy these foods more than single tastes like broccoli or carrot which I was quite surprised about. She also has hummus or cottage cheese on rice cakes and loves it!

Unrulysun Fri 03-Dec-10 12:10:19

Thanks for the advice! Have given her a lentilly/beany/tomatoey thing which she's enjoyed. Does anyone know if soya products are ok? I would have thought probably not tbh.

Hummus is a brilliant idea - am going to try that as soon as I can get chickpeas.

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