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Think I should be giving DS (8 months) more solids?

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becknnico Sun 28-Nov-10 07:36:02

He is ebf and gets about 4 ounces of different pureed food a night just before bath/bedtime. This is sometimes spaced out over the day as well but usually he eats dinner when I do. I was thinking I would start giving him 6-8 within the next few weeks. Is this too little? Seems like everyone I know with babies the same age eat a few times a day but I started trying to take it kinda slow since he did get a bit constipated at first.

CommanderDrool Sun 28-Nov-10 07:52:03

Why don't you try getting him on some finger foods? If he can feed himself, he will
take as much as he wants/needs and you can hive him some purée too.

Mine would chomp banana spread on toast fingers, broccoli spears, soft carrot, mashed potato with all sorts of things stirred into it, mashed sweet potato - just bung it in the oven them scrape out the flesh.

I also gave dd3 chopped egg.

CommanderDrool Sun 28-Nov-10 07:53:55

Sorry I read that as he was 8 months ( sleep deprived)

How old is he? After 6 months finger goods are great and make mealtimes more interesting for your baby.

becknnico Sun 28-Nov-10 07:58:42

He is 8 monthsgrin.

barbie1 Sun 28-Nov-10 07:59:34

My dd is also ebf, at 9 months she is on 3 meals plus snacks throughout the day.

We do a bit of finger food at each meal and then offer puree so she has a chance to fill up if she wants too.

I think most babies suffer from constipation when first weaning, i know my dd did. We were advised to avoid bread and bananas as they tend to be the main culprit, (for us anyway) instead we offer yogurt and fruit for breakfast instead of toast.

DD will now try most things, if she doesn't want to eat she just pushes the food out of the way. It's a slow and time times messy process with finger food but its so good watching them develop and feed themselves

CommanderDrool Sun 28-Nov-10 08:00:35

Oh it's in the title.


Anyway, you probably think I am a lunatic now. grin

Tigresswoods Sun 28-Nov-10 20:46:18

He's 8 months? And he's only on one meal a day? That doesn't seem much to me.

Maybe a bit of chopped banana mid morning or breakfast? He can do that himself or you can puree if you prefer.

Maybe even a sandwich around lunchtime to get things started, we do laughing cow/dairylea or grated cheese or marmite. If you are worried about constipation my little one will eat bits of satsuma that are handed to him... that will get things going! LOL

becknnico Sun 28-Nov-10 23:06:41

Thank you!! I will probably start a bit more here soon. It was my hunch that he is ready which is why I stared this thread. Once again when I started him initially he got constipated so I slowed it down and have not really picked back up yet. I did start this morning though. Thanks for the responses ladies

catwhiskers10 Fri 17-Dec-10 12:34:02

DD is 9.5 months and since 7 months has been on 3 meals a day. I just feed her until she stops eating or bats the spoon away and I know shes had enough. It works for us and there are no concerns over her weight.

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