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BLW - going too well?

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mollycuddles Wed 24-Nov-10 21:00:32

Dd2 is 6 months and started blw on saturday at 180 days old. She'd been fascinated by us eating for weeks and had tried to steal big sister's food on a few occasions. There was no such thing as blw when the other two were little but ds was a spoon refuser from 7 months so we were pretty much on finger foods from then anyway and doing blw this time seemed the obvious choice. Dh is just as enthusiastic and he looks after her when I'm at work - went back full time 3 weeks ago. She's otherwise bf/ebm and was feeding 2 hourly day and night and drinking a lot of ebm when I was at work - certainly more than the approx 1oz/hour suggested by kellymom etc.
I was completely prepared for her milk demands to stay high as food before one is just for fun but she has really got stuck in. She loves sitting in her high chair and feeding herself, loves the mess and the social side. She has toast for breakfast - not too impressed by weetabix or porridge. She has the same evening meal as the rest of us - fish pie yesterday, scrambled egg today. Whenever dh is having a snack or lunch or whatever she gets offered something - rice cakes are a big hit, so is banana etc. There is a definite change in her nappies with carrot/broccoli/banana/lentils all definitely been swallowed. She's taking a bit less milk -but still been 9 feeds in last 24 hours. I'm not pushing her to eat. Tbh mostly ignoring her at mealtimes as eating my own but smiling at her and for mushy stuff loading a spoon and handing it to her. And she seems to know what to do with it. At mealtimes she gets a cup with water in it but all other drinks are bm.

Is this ok? It seems so quick. I'm just worrying that we've pushed her too soon but I think I'm mainly just sad that she isn't completely reliant on me any more.

angfirsttimer Wed 24-Nov-10 21:06:03

I would be prepared for her enthusiasm to come and go. Not an expert but IME DS was really enthusiastic to start with, then it cooled off for a few weeks and he barely ate anything, and now at 8 months he is really getting into it again.
Sounds like she has made a great start.

MarsLady Wed 24-Nov-10 21:13:22

Well done her. It may just be the way it goes for her. grin

belindarose Sun 28-Nov-10 21:31:57

My DD was like this at 6 months. Took to it straight away, knew exactly what to do, certainly showed up in nappies, jumped a few centiles in weight. She continued to breastfeed loads and didn't really drop feeds till around 1 year. Her appetite began to fluctuate much more around then and she is pretty erratic with food at the moment (15 mo). I'd say enjoy it!

mollycuddles Mon 29-Nov-10 11:43:53

It's amazing how much she is eating and how already she gets grumpy if her meals are delayed. The plan was for her to have a leisurely week day breakfast after her brother and sister have gone to school and DH forgot this morning and she was not amused. Weekends are fairly relaxed with us about breakfast and lunch although we always sit and have a proper dinner but she is definitely looking for her 3 meals a day! i had a sandwich while watching the football on Saturday and she was most perturbed so I had to get her into her high chair for some toast and cheese. I didn't think she was eating a lot and it's hard to know as our two dogs circle her high chair like sharks waiting for anything that is dropped but the nappies tell a tale. She is still breast feeding a lot - 3 hourly at night and whenever I'm at home, more frequently than that. I'm just enjoying her enthusiasm and hoping she follows her sister in keeping this rather than her brother who is so fussy.

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