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weaning - a minefield (or is it just motherhood in general?)

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rachael2401 Sun 21-Nov-10 21:30:35

Is it me or is this weaning marlarky a minefield? My DD is 6 months and have read Gill Rapley BLW book, been to weaning class and read through lots of discussions on MN. I am feeling at a bit of a loss really. Was very emotional about weaning DD as love breastfeeding her. BF on demand for first 6 weeks then went to feeding schedule which DD seemed to fit into nicely. Am now feeding at 7, 11, 3, 7, 10 and once in the night but after reading comments on MN should I be feeding on demand still??? Am confused.
Now I have to think about weaning. Have read BLW and like the theory. Gave DD babyrice on a loaded spoon this week and she's also had cooked carrot sticks and brocoli oh and a bit of banana too. Now am stressing about salt/sugar what I can give her when etc etc etc.
We had pot roasted beef tonight (cooked in red wine) with roast pots, butternut squash and lots of veggies. Can I give her a strip of that meat? DH said yes but am not sure.
Am waffling aren't i... sorry. I seem to have permanent guilt/worry about everything. Argh!

babybouncer Sun 21-Nov-10 21:50:06

I know exactly where you are coming fom!

I felt like I'd just got this whole baby thing sorted and then weaning comes along and I had no idea about anything anymore.

Looking back now, I've managed to survive and it actually was fine. The thing to remember is that you need to relax and know that it happens in its own time. My DS refused spoons after the first week, so we did BLW and he really only started eating full meals at about 11 months, but then almost immediately dropped his bottles and was fine.

It seems most people do a mix of purees and BLW (possibly because they would like their little ones to actually eat something) and you really have to do what works for your family.

As for what they can and can't eat, the guidelines here are relatively clear. No low-fat foods (ie they need full-fat milk in food, full fat cheese etc), no honey, no whole nuts. Avoid adding salt during cooking and avoid high-salt foods.

The meal you've described above sounds fine (assuming it's not laced with salt) and strips of meat or veggies would be fine. If you go the BLW route, you can just put some bits of your food onto DD's plate and sit her up at the table while you eat (to begin with don't worry if she's not always awake each time).

In terms of milk feeds, just see how it goes.

Gargula Tue 23-Nov-10 06:26:37

I second babybouncer. Just relax and do what you feel is best for your baby. I started doing BLW with DD but am now combining purees with finger foods (she is 7 months). Just seemed easier for me as we eat a lot of soups (which are basically just purees) anyway. She loves it which is the main thing!
No-one will give a monkey's backside how she was weaned when she's 18!!
Oh, and don't change anything you're doing because of what you read on Mumsnet!! If a feeding schedule works for you then keep at it. The only deciding factor for me is to keep baby happy.

AngelDog Wed 24-Nov-10 20:29:51

I'd do whatever helps you feel least stressed. We did BLW mainly because I'm too lazy to prepare food specially for DS and by 9 months it didn't feel like 'weaning', just 'eating'. But the puree route works better for others.

I'd not add salt or sugar to anything and avoid processed food where you can.

For milk feeds, the WHO recommends feeding frequently and 'on-demand' until the age of 2. But I've not been able to tell when my 11 m.o. DS wants milk (and haven't been able to since 4 or 5 months) so I feed on a rough schedule and offer milk any time he's inexplicably grumpy. That's what I'd class as 'on-demand', especially since I have no intention of dropping feeds until he shows he's not interested in them. Your system sounds fine to me.

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