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if ds really doesnt like a taste do i try again or just leave it and move on?

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PipIsOutNow Wed 17-Nov-10 11:40:19

hi an 18 week old ds, and started weaning him last week on advice of HV as he is quite a big boy and loves his milk. he hated baby rice wasnt interested at all so he's on baby porridge once a day and he absolutely loves it!! wolfs it down and sometimes looks for more (im so happy he's taking it off the spoon). i tried him today with a sweet potato puree and he really didnt like it at all, he spat it out, and then heaved, so i left it (il give him his porridge later). what im wondering is do i wait and try with the same flavour again or do i just accpet that he doesnt like this one and move on? i know its only been a week so we've got ages to try new flavours etc etc but in the long run i dont want him to only like sweet stuff as my partner and i are very fussy eaters but want him to eat well. can he have the 'fussy genes' already tho?

slipperthief Wed 17-Nov-10 22:30:08

Give it a go in a month or so. ds has repeatedly pulled the most disgusted face and spat out my parsnip & apple lately but he might come round to it later.

ds1 really didn't agree with some things (inc sweet potato and banana) but his tummy was much happier with apple, pear and root veg when we first did solid food for him.

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