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When can I give my 6 mo BLW baby Smarties?

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MrsHoshJolloway Sat 13-Nov-10 20:25:33

This BLW stuff is amazing. So far DD has enjoyed soft foods like Haribo, Milky Ways and haggis. It's going really well as she just helps herself and enjoys chewing - her face muscles are developing really well!

What I don't know is when I can move her onto more challenging foods. I'm thinking of introducing Maltesers as they're the lighter way to enjoy chocolate, but does she need teeth before she can tackle something crunchy, like Smarties?

onimolap Sat 13-Nov-10 20:28:14

When you've done a St John's Ambulance First Aid course and are completely confident of dealing with a choking incident.

Then you can add boiled sweets and gob-stoppers too.

pinguwings Sat 13-Nov-10 20:32:03

How on earth did a 6 mo with no teeth manage haribo? hmm

mummynoseynora Sat 13-Nov-10 20:32:23

my first ever biscuit

nigglewiggle Sat 13-Nov-10 20:34:10

I'm not totally convinced about this BLW thing. Just whiz up a few smarties with a bit of formula, put it in her bottle and bob's ur uncle. wink

nobiggy Sat 13-Nov-10 20:34:46

The colour comes off smarties, I'd stick to plain white confectionary, just because of the stains.

Hullygully Sat 13-Nov-10 20:36:30

Now! It's such fun wathcing their little happy faces as the sugar kicks in!!

JiggeryPoverty Sat 13-Nov-10 20:39:04

My Zailey-Mae loved a Smartie McSlurry at that age.

peppapighastakenovermylife Sat 13-Nov-10 20:40:28

I can't believe you haven't introduced them already shock. Mine were all on smarties (not the red ones obviously) at 3 days old.

Hullygully Sat 13-Nov-10 20:42:56

I shoved em up me minge whilst they were in utero to really get em in the mood.

JiggeryPoverty Sat 13-Nov-10 20:44:31

That's how I got mine onto fags, Hully.

Camel Lights of course, before any of you middle class self righteous smug ponces accuses me of slack parenting.

GlynistheMenace Sat 13-Nov-10 20:45:19

i found curly wurlys were much better for BLW

a 4mth old can find a grip more easily in the little holes

Panzee Sat 13-Nov-10 20:48:49

Smarties? Haribo? OMG!!!!!

Just stick with Werther's Originals and you'll be fine.

Hullygully Sat 13-Nov-10 20:49:10

Oh yes, smoke fags out of your minge and pour a bit of beer up there.

reallytired Sat 13-Nov-10 20:55:28


maryz Sat 13-Nov-10 20:56:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TragicallyHipPomBear Sat 13-Nov-10 20:57:33

Pom Bear anyone?

TragicallyHipPomBear Sat 13-Nov-10 20:57:49

I forgot the grin

Hullygully Sat 13-Nov-10 20:57:50

God yes. Mine could do fractions in the womb (twins fighting over smartie sharing)

Hullygully Sat 13-Nov-10 20:58:37

No, Pom Bears are vulgar. They are savoury and this is about sweets. Doh.

TragicallyHipPomBear Sat 13-Nov-10 21:01:18

Oopps sorry blush

Hullygully Sat 13-Nov-10 21:02:13

I should cocoa.

TragicallyHipPomBear Sat 13-Nov-10 21:03:29

I've given Liquorice sticks to ds since he was 4 months, stains his teeth but hey ho he'll get new ones

JiggeryPoverty Sat 13-Nov-10 21:03:44

Where is MrsHJ?

I think we've scared her off with our superior mothering and clever nicotine and alcohol skills.

Poor MrsHJ. I bet you feel rotten now.

ledodgy Sat 13-Nov-10 21:04:02

You have to give her Orange Smarties first so she gets used to the taste of fruit.

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