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timing milk and solids... so confused, baby not eating much

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missytequila Fri 12-Nov-10 03:00:00

my baby is almost 8 months old and not really eating much solids. i cant seem to get the timing right. if she is really hungry she gets frustrated and just wants milk... if she has milk first she seems full and only takes a mouthful. in the evening she always seems tired and wants milk/comfort...

she is having 5 milk feeds a day (7am,11am,3pm,5.30pm, 8pm) plus waking 3 times a night for milk.... i offer food in between but she never seems excited

i feel like it is going all wrong and she is increasing milk rather than decreasing... and she wants those milk feeds regardless of whether she eats one bite or a small bowl of food in between....

i just feel like i am doing it wrong?

Gangle Fri 12-Nov-10 03:59:21

Missy, my baby is the same age and having about the same number of milk feeds but he also has a good appetite unless he is tired. I feed him around 7am then give breakfast around 8/8.30. He probably eats least at this meal. He has another feed around 10.30/11 (and sometimes one around 9/9.30) then lunch anywhere between 12.30 and 2.30 depending on what we're doing. He usually eats well at lunch, possibly because he's hungrier as it's been longer since his last feed. The advice is, however, to offer milk before solids so it sounds like you're doing the right thing, and don't they say that milk should remain the main food in the first 12 months and that solids are only for fun? I certainly wouldn't worry about too much milk. Can you leave it longer after giving milk so that she is more hungry for solids? I did check out some of the weaning threads as I was concerned I wasn't feeding DS enough and was amazed by how much some other babies are eating at this stage. DS has so far had fruit and veg purees and in the last few weeks we're introduced cereals and proteins like chicken and lentils plus dairy like yogurts and cheese but we're generally taking it very slowly. I wouldn't get too worried so long as she is gaining weight and not dropping centiles. Having said that, DS is still waking up several times a night so this is possibly a sign I am not getting it right either!

alarkaspree Fri 12-Nov-10 04:45:59

You're probably not doing it wrong, it's just that your daughter happens to not be that interested in food yet. My ds really ate no solids to speak of until 9 months. It's fine, keep trying various foods and eventually she will show more enthusiasm, and while you're waiting she will get all the nourishment she needs from milk.

You might try letting your dd try bits of your food, she might be more interested in eating what you are having. She is old enough now that you can give her pretty much anything, as long as it's not too salty.

Kaymer Fri 12-Nov-10 05:16:00

Don't worry, missytequila. My friend's baby wouldn't eat solids really until 9 months or more either and she never left the 91st percentile. Agree with alarkaspree that well worth trying different solid foods if you're not already. My 9mo DD almost never agrees to eat from a spoon because she wants to make sure it feels right before she puts it in her mouth. However she will eat from an adult fork or from chopsticks grin. So she just eats what we're eating now usually.

She also seems to be drinking more milk than ever too, despite having pretty reasonable solid meals three times a day....growth spurt? (eternal growth spurt it seems....)

BlooKangaWonders Fri 12-Nov-10 05:41:42

'Food is for fun until they're one' -so just keep on trying bits of food, but make sure thata the mains source of calories comes from milk for the next few months.

Your dd is still only 7 months old, so there really is lots of time for her to be getting the hang of solids.

AGree with the suggestion that she could share the food from your plate. Much more interesting for her, and no hassle for you!

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