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Do you offer something else if they dont like it?

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ohnelly Sat 06-Nov-10 18:04:42

Hi my DS is 30weeks and doing quite well with weaning - a mixture of blw & spoon feeding. He loves his porridge, cereals and most fruit but doesnt really like any 'dinners' that ive made him. He will sometimes eat the odd spoonfull or wont eat it at all after trying.
What do you do when this happens? Do you then move on to something else that they will eat or leave it? I dont want him to learn that if he refuses dinner he gets something else, but I dont want him to do without either. Any tips appreciated. I have tried mixing apple into his potatoes to sweeten them up and that did help a bit

muslimah28 Sat 06-Nov-10 22:57:30

been wondering the same thing, so watching this post smile

Pinner35 Sat 06-Nov-10 23:04:06

No, either DD ate what I'd cooked or went without. She's now 2.7yo and a fab eater. I've just started weaning DD2 and will adopt the same approach.

jandmmum Sun 07-Nov-10 06:40:44

agree with pinner DS now 3 and still occasionally goes without when he's being fussy, Children won't starve themselves and at the weaning stage will just take more milk if they miss a meal. I read somewhere you have to try something 13 times before you can say they definitely don't like it although this sounds slot to me. DS did go through a stage early on though where he had fruit purée mixed in with everything

lostinafrica Sun 07-Nov-10 06:59:28

A bit of fruit mixed in is a good idea - he'll still be able to taste the other stuff, so he'll gradually get used to the tastes. You can decrease the amount of fruit, or do without if it's something naturally sweet (carrot, sweet potato). Carrot's another thing I put in a lot of if I think DD will find a new taste a bit much.

But, as Pinner35 says, don't go down the route of offering alternatives - a nightmare in the long run. I knew a family with a teenage boy who was given raw carrot with every meal because he claimed not to like any other vegetable - sure it started the same way when he was a baby...

ohnelly Sun 07-Nov-10 08:08:20

Great thanks for replies, that does make sense. He might have some strange combinations then!

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