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quorn ?

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nothingbyhalves Thu 04-Nov-10 11:17:40

Advice needed, 10 month old ds twins who are devouring everything put in front of them. But the question is can they have quorn products? (Mince or pieces). I'm veggie and it would make life easier as they could occaisonally have the same food as me. They do eat meat. Loads of it!

Also any hints about casseroles i can make dh and boys would be fab! Have made goulash which they all loved, and the one pot meal idea really appeals to me! Just fed up of making 3 meals! veggie for me, meat for dh and boys food!

Thanks all!

liamsdaddy Thu 04-Nov-10 11:56:54

We try to keep our DS eating the same as us, as much as possible. We are at the stage where if we have something different on our plate he is likely to throw a tantrum unless we let him have some

(that may sound ok, but when he is leaving his food and wants to eat half your meal, and you can barely get a fork in your own mouth between his demands, it's not fun).

We tried quorn just for a change a while back, DS liked it and we had no bad results or evil poo's.

Unfortunately for him, neither of us liked the taste and we can't buy spicy/seasoned varieties to overpower the quorn.

mama2mooandbabymoo Thu 04-Nov-10 13:00:00

Dd2 had quorn from an early age. I eat it all the time so she doesnt eat much meat.

I used to do quorn cottage pies, lasanges etc and she loved it. We did have some interesting nappies!!!

mama2mooandbabymoo Thu 04-Nov-10 13:00:26

Ps Have you seen the new quorn recipe book out? I got mine yesterday and there are some great ideas in there. £2.99 if you buy 2 quorn products!

nothingbyhalves Thu 04-Nov-10 13:17:21

mama2mooandbabymoo, Thanks i have picked up the book and thats what got me thinking. Liamsadaddy, have you tried paprika as a flavouring? its ok for little ones, (mine love it) and it does make quorn more tasty! I also love it with mushroom sauce!

thanks all

liamsdaddy Thu 04-Nov-10 14:15:44

Unfortunately paprika or any spice is off the menu. DW has IBS and almost any spice will set it off

jinglesticks Thu 04-Nov-10 15:35:44

The official guidelines on quorn are that whilst it isn't harmful to babies, it isn't very good food for them because it is so low calories and fat, which babies need. But I can't remember where I read that, the quorn website I think. I'll have a look. Tofu is much better, as are beans and lentils and cheese. Soya is a definite no because it contains hormones or something!


jandmmum Fri 05-Nov-10 10:30:40

I read somewhere that you shouldn't substitute quorn for meat with young babies as it doesn't contain enough fat or calories.

JarethTheGoblinKing Fri 05-Nov-10 10:34:51

quorn's revolting stuff, sorry blush

SparklePffftBANG Fri 05-Nov-10 10:36:27

ooh I didn't know this thanks. DCs aren't vegetarian, but they both seem to prefer quorn to meat, will try to convince them to eat the real stuff
TBH with DS we just wanted him to eat protein - anything - so when he started eating quorn I was over the moon. But now he will tend to eat the meat version of bolognaise, cottage pie etc...

nothingbyhalves Mon 08-Nov-10 18:24:46

thanks all

pooter Mon 08-Nov-10 18:30:09

DD (8.5mo) has just devoured a curry i made with quorn and borlotti beans and loads of veg - with a coconut based mild sauce. It was yummy and so easy to make just one huge curry for all of us.

She is still having loads of BM so im not worried about calories - she is a porker. I reckon, if you have a decent diet then they can just eat what you eat, perhaps chopped up a bit. DD was eating a full corn cob the other day. BLW rules!!

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