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Constipation again

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sleepywombat Wed 03-Nov-10 06:37:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sleepywombat Wed 03-Nov-10 06:39:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kaiki Wed 03-Nov-10 10:04:19

hello! i think i recognise your username - have you posted before about your baby's sleeping problems ? if so i responded as my baby is exactly the same (waking every 2 hours)and seemed quite unhappy going to sleep generally...i was over on the weaning threads as weirdly, have been having what appears to be exactly the same problems with my dd....again. perhaps we are missing something here ? are they twins perhaps ? has sleep improved with weaning for you ?
(of course if you are not this person then i apologise, am very, very tired)

weaning my dd for 4 weeks now and her constipation has been terrible and frequently painful - passing a stool often reduces her to tears. initially i looked at what she was eating and have cut raw fruit from her diet for now (apple, mashed up kiwi, papaya) and have been giving her water with a drop or two of oj in as this helps loosen the bowels apparently. are you diluting the prune juice or just giving it straight ? i use cooled boiled water but still lukewarm as apparently the warm water helps it act quicker, or more efficiently or something.

my dd loves her food however, and eats like a maniac and i think that this appetite and tendancy to guzzle (same at the breast) doesn't allow her to know when she is full, and the sheer volume of food combined with the solidity of her poos means it is quite painful to pass anything. i'm doing blw and purees and although the h.v told me to make the purees the consistancy of mashed potato i've started to make them a little runnier to give her body a chance and also make sure she eats less, and top up with a breast feed either before or after the meal.

i'm taking mine to see the h.v on thursday (tomorrow) to see if there is anything i'm doing wrong weaning-wise and to the doctor's to see if there is something i'm missing physically which may hinder her sleeping (she was up 8 times last night. this is now 'normal', bless her.) - so i'm going to check for ear infections and any digestive problems as she tends to get very windy too. will let you know if i hear anything which may help us.

good digestive foods i've found are dried apricots ~ (cooked first, then pureed), pear (a natural laxative), spinach, cooked apple and avocado all seem to pass through quite 'cleanly' - just try to give little amounts at the moment and maybe drop the yoghurt in case of lactose intolerance ?

hope this helps, i'll come back to you if i find out more.

sleepywombat Wed 03-Nov-10 23:46:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sleepywombat Wed 03-Nov-10 23:46:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SoLongAsItsHealthy Thu 04-Nov-10 19:53:41

Cut out bananas immediately and give him lots and lots of pureed pear - works for us every time.

kaiki Sat 06-Nov-10 15:19:41

me again, just a quick update - saw the health visitor on thursday she said that all the grunting and pain and crying is a 'due process' of weaning, and aside from prune juice and water all i could do would be to make purees a little runnier and if it's obvious that baby is trying to pass a stool you can raise their bent legs to their chest (as though squatting, if you see what i mean) as this helps to make the process a bit easier. i mentioned that dd has got a red bum (like a baboon!) which looked sore and did she think this meant a food intolerance as it seemed so painful ? she assures me no, and not to remove anything from dd's diet and that it is a natural process from liquid to solid.
hmmmmm. i'm not convinced to be honest, so am going to see the g.p on monday for a second opinion so will get back to you if anything useful comes up - dd hasn't been too bad recently with the constipation, i just want her to enjoy her little life without all this nonsense.

thing is with health visitors is that they are often working from a textbook without taking the indiviual baby into account - when i went to see one with dd's sleep problems she was horrified that i wouldn't consider controlled crying and told me
"well it's your fault when you end up with a toddler with a sleep disorder"
Thanks lady!

i know where you're coming from with the seperation anxiety - apparently at this age they are realising they are a seperate entity to you - dd has been exceptionally clingy, cries when i leave the room and went into meltdown when i tried to have a shower while she played on the bathroom floor. it ended up with both of us in a tepid, baby-shallow bath with me surreptiously pouring beakers of water over my head so i could wash my hair. ugh, what with that and the hourly waking from one or two am (until five am, when she is awake for the day) i'm starting to look like a 700 year old man.

so my suggestions are thus ; keep purees simple and runny, push legs up when pooing (their legs, not ours) and rub their little tummies when windy or straining, in a clockwise motion. pear pear and more pear. and prunes.

sleepywombat Wed 10-Nov-10 04:44:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kaiki Thu 11-Nov-10 10:36:37

bloody hell you have my sympathies wombat, it's hard work isn't it ?
i think as far as weaning is concerned you are doing exactly the right thing for your ds, despite what doctor says. my dd has been a little better recently so perhaps it just takes the gut and bowels a little while to acclimitise ? i'd say continue exactly as you are and slowly slowly increase the amount you give him. also i'd try not to mix up more than two or three veg/fruit combinations - that way if you suspect it is an intolerance to something you don't have to spend weeks working out what it is. fingers crossed that your little one manages a bit better soon...apparently a protein rich meal can help them sleep for longer as it fills them up for a while, which is worth remembering for the future.

ahhhh, sleep. i remember that. at the moment it feels as though as soon as i close my eyes i'm awake with the screaming from dd. have you considered a cranial oesteopath? to be honest it sounds like your baby, like mine, has an emotional need rather than a physical problem with sleep and the cranio who i saw - while lovely and sympathetic - didn't really help too much, other than to say that dd had a highly developed nervous system which prevented her from relaxing into sleep either by herself or when she wakes (which would explain her inability to self soothe). still, like you i felt as though i'd read everything and tried everything (this is not true, i'm too tired for any kind of sleep training, pu/pd or cc so when i say 'everything' i mean 'a few things') and wanted to explore crainal oesteopathy as it is non-invasive and i've heard great reports about their successes. it may be worth a shot?

either way you sound like a lovely mum with a wonderful nuturing attitude towards your boy - he's lucky to have you! remember this isn't forever, just a short time - soon they won't be able to get away from us fast enough!

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