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Anyone volunteer in a charity shop?

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hickorydickorynurseryrhyme Wed 01-Mar-17 19:20:58

Thinking of volunteering in a Sue Ryder Charity Shop. It's a charity close to my heart. Does anyone else do this? Do you find it fulfilling?

hickorydickorynurseryrhyme Wed 01-Mar-17 19:39:35

Please and thank you

hickorydickorynurseryrhyme Wed 01-Mar-17 21:41:31


hickorydickorynurseryrhyme Thu 02-Mar-17 13:15:25


hickorydickorynurseryrhyme Fri 03-Mar-17 14:52:45


NorthSouthLifesStillSame Fri 03-Mar-17 17:06:03

You'll love it, will be so different from how you imagine... blinking hard work but without fail a lovely cause and normally lovely people! Enjoy smile

Cosybythefire Fri 03-Mar-17 17:25:38

The shifts i do are busy but so worth it.
Meet lots of lovely people and doing some good.
Can't think of any negatives.

hickorydickorynurseryrhyme Fri 03-Mar-17 18:50:39

Thanks guys. I think I should probably give it a go as I won't know unless I try. I like to be busy and I like meeting people.

PerspicaciaTick Fri 03-Mar-17 18:52:58

The only thing that bugged me about volunteering in a charity shop were the fuckers who used to shoplift.
But the other volunteers and the vast, vast majority of customers were lovely.

hickorydickorynurseryrhyme Fri 03-Mar-17 20:07:47

What shops did you volunteer in?

PerspicaciaTick Fri 03-Mar-17 20:16:55


TinfoilHattie Mon 06-Mar-17 23:15:44

Hello, I'm another Oxfam volunteer. I have found them to be very accommodating with shifts - I said when I started that I could only do term times and that was fine. I do a bit of everything - serving on the till, sorting the donations, organising the shop. It's good fun, interesting and the other volunteers are nice people. Also we get regular training on certain types of products.

hickorydickorynurseryrhyme Tue 07-Mar-17 07:31:54

Tinfo thank you

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