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GoFundMe vs Crowdfunder

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MsPickle Tue 07-Feb-17 23:48:11

We've a PTA project that we're going to do an online donation campaign for-has anyone a preference for either of these platforms and why? I've run a GoFundMe before but don't want to just use something I already know if there's a better option!

Thanks in advance!

Mamabeanuk Sat 04-Nov-17 15:52:12

To be honest, as I have utilised of all of the available platforms as part of my remit at work, you would be as well using Tilt. It has a free ‘Collect Money’ option and all the relevant features that you will require.

Crowdfunding isn’t a ‘build it and they will come’ situation. There is a good reason they call them ‘campaigns’. You and your PTA supporters will need to create momentum and send donors to your link with a distinct ‘ask’ (how much) and ‘why’ (what will happen with the money? What if you don’t reach your ‘highest’ target? Do you have ‘liw’ And ‘mid’ range targets with tangible benefits?

None of the crowdfunding platforms (particularly at the grassroots level) heavily promote fundraising efforts on a smaller scale, unless it is something innovative, press-worthy, etc.

Given that y’all will be doing the really hard work yourselves, to secure each pledge and finalised penny, save yourself a commission fee and put the hard earned ££ into the actual PTA project.

Happy to chat further if I misunderstood the requirements.

Wishing y’all the most successful and engaging PTA Project Fubding campaign!

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