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Charity shops and what gets binned.

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charityshopresearch Sun 23-Oct-16 23:01:49

I am really keen to try and promote a system where charity shops are not allowed to just bin items for landfill. I am a manager of a charity shop and I always make sure that everything unsalable gets moved on or recycled. But I know from years in the business that so many donations just get dumped in the Biffa Bin! How do you feel about this? I would like to have a permission slip in every charity shop for how donated items are dealt with, so that he donor can agree to sold, recycled or landfill. Your thoughts would be very much welcomed!

Coulddowithanap Mon 24-Oct-16 08:53:16

I would be happy if they had a list up saying what they don't accept.

A charity shop near me will accept lovely hand knitted jumpers but won't sell then, instead they unravel them and sell them as balls of wool. They also won't sell dressing gowns (I have a friend who works their who told me but she doesn't know why)

Spottyladybird Mon 24-Oct-16 09:03:03

My mum is a charity shop manager. They have to bin some stuff but she recycles as much as possible- low quality items that aren't worth selling or things that haven't sold after a month go to the Scout Jumble, they have a clothing bank for items not suitable for this and other fabrics, a bra bank for bras etc. But I'm sure you're aware that some people donate rather than going to the tip- she's had used false teeth, worn underwear, filthy things, broken items etc. Since my mum took over she's drastically reduced their Biffa bill though by recycling and upcycling.
Broken jewellery for instance- they take the beads off and package in jars with similar colours and sell to local crafters.

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