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An idea for school holidays...

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CourtJester Tue 19-Jul-16 13:39:06

When i was younger i always wanted a penpal and as i have grown up i realised i still love writing letters and postcards and making someone smile with my little bit of post smile

I recently found out about a charity called PostPals which have a website featuring children which severe or termainal illnesses who love to receive mail. You can read a bit about each child and see what they like and then send a little card or letter to them to make their day brighter! The website is

You could get you kids to start a letter and add to it every time they do something exciting over the holidays and then post it to one of the children to tell them about their adventures.

Or even try and pick up some little gifts whilst you are out and about over summer. You could decide on a child beforehand and set you children on a mission to find a few bits they think that child might like, and then put a little package together and sent it.

Anything from a souvenir from your holiday, an extra item when you go shopping or a postcard from the beach - All of these wil make one of the children smile, and give your kids a different activity to do when they undoubtedly get bored!

5BlueHydrangea Tue 19-Jul-16 13:45:24

I really like this charity. You can sign up to have a regular person to send mail to, or just choose people for occasional letters etc. I used to regularly send stuff to a teenage boy whose brother was ill. The family left the site so I stopped, need to sign up with another. It's a lovely feeling cheering up a child whose family are going through a tough time.

So I agree, have a look and get sending!

CourtJester Tue 19-Jul-16 14:04:11

It is great and i love the fact that you can send as much or as little as you want! You can even send emails which are completely free and still an awesome way to cheer up a poorly child!

They also have a coulpe of facebook groups that you can sign up to - 'Monthly projects' where each month has a theme and you get assigned a child for that month, but have to send an item specific to that month's theme. And 'Fortnightly writers' where you get assiged one child for the year and send them a letter every two weeks.

Or you can just pick a child at random and send them whatever you feel like! smile

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