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Volunteers needed to sit in on recording sessions for young talented artists!

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NeilPhillimore Wed 15-Jun-16 13:40:26


I run a small charity called BIRD (registered charity 1161054). We are using the songwriting and recording process as a vehicle to create relationship with and mentor 16-25 year olds
Please see our intro video on .

We run 2.5 hour sessions with our young artist in a small recording studio in London N19. As part of our safeguarding policy we make sure that every session has a 'safe presence' volunteer sitting in.. and thats where you come in! We are short of people available during daytime hours. If you have any time spare and would like to be part of this amazing project, all that is required is that you can offer your time. We need folks who are self contained and don't mind sitting quietly reading or doing work on a Laptop.. Your contribution would be to simply be present and allow the relationship between mentor and artist to thrive in a safe environment. I'm sorry that it doesn't allow for the use of any more specific 'skills' but it is invaluable to us as it allows the sessions to run! You do however get to observe and hear some amazing young talent creating and expressing themselves through their songwriting! We are in particular need of women for sessions with our female artists.

Please do contact me: if you are able to help and i will send further information.

thanks so much Mumsnet community! I look forward to hearing from some of you.


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