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ThornyBird Tue 19-Jan-16 16:36:49

I'm a Brownie leader. Our meeting starts tonight at 5.45. I've just been let down at short notice - what can I do with them please???!!!!!

Not a lot in our minuscule cupboard. Too late to go out (several will turn up without coats or in slippers hmm). Oh and between now and then I have to finish cooking tea for my own DC!

Just gone absolutely blank...

honeysucklejasmine Tue 19-Jan-16 16:45:17

Games games and more games. Get them to choose and run them. Sit back and relax.

Favourites at ours are Mrs Brown, puddles, port starboard land sea, lighthouses etc, but they will know loads. You could also try to reach them a favourite of yours if need be.

Ragwort Tue 19-Jan-16 16:52:27

Kim's game is always easy to do at the last minute - a tray of 20 items that you can easily find in the hut, the Brownies look at them for 3 minutes - cover them up and then write down how many they remember.

On the same theme 'communication' - you could do a variation of 'Chinese Whispers'.

You could do description games - depends how sensitive your children are - but ask them to all shut their eyes (or one leaves the room) and take turns to describe someone without mentioning their name - who can guess who it is?

If all else fails do a 'programme planning evening' - ask them to come up with some ideas for the perfect term's programme.

Sob - I so miss being a Cub Leader - but I did do it for nearly 30 years grin.

imsorryiasked Tue 19-Jan-16 16:54:54

Of you've got some craft stuff maybe design and make a door hanger (" thorny bird's room keep out")?
Memory games - tray of things to look at then list what was on it. Or take one thing of and they say what's missing.

ThornyBird Tue 19-Jan-16 17:21:17

Brill thank you all. I've raised my cupboard at home so we can make and ice buns. Tray game is awesome - have got DC1 on the case putting stuff on a tray while I eat my tea smile Also a blanket to cover a Brownie in for them to guess who is missing.

Did planning last week which is why I'd relaxed thinking I was sorted until Easter confused

Ragwort Tue 19-Jan-16 19:09:15

Hope you had a fun evening. smile

ThornyBird Tue 19-Jan-16 23:16:57

Been doing other things so only just popped back on here - buns were a hit (even if I got the quantities wrong blush), tray was really interesting and will do it again - we've tried ad hoc ones in the past but gathering 20 bits from home was much better. Blanket game worked well and we did remembering names in a circle too as we have a couple of new girls.

All in all it went well. Thank you 😊

ThornyBird Tue 19-Jan-16 23:18:27

Oh and they organised a couple of games themselves too - wink murderer being the current favourite grin

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