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Place to donate show box of toys/single toy to needy children, pref UK (def not Operation Christmas Child)

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plipplops Thu 16-Oct-14 18:27:18

DD (7) has heard about the Operation Christmas Child shoe box scheme at school (teacher did an assembly on it but said clearly that it wasn't a school thing, but they could take a leaflet if they wanted). I'm pleased she wants to do something charitable and I like the idea of us putting together a box of goodies but who can I give it to?!? I don't mind these things being organised by the church but I don't want to support a charity that rams Christianity down the receivers throat. I like the idea of someone more local (or at least UK) getting it if possible?? Any ideas???

GodPlayedByJamesMason Thu 16-Oct-14 18:41:40

MN Christmas thing? Salvation Army? Send a box to your local Womens Aid?

plipplops Thu 16-Oct-14 19:05:57

I've just emailed a local woman's aid charity, will see what they say...

unlucky83 Sat 06-Dec-14 10:58:38

A really late response ...sorry!
But (and I've just realised I've forgotten to organise it this year!) our local playgroup collect toys for the local hospital children's ward as gifts for children who are in hospital over Christmas. Mainly for ones who have to go in to A&E and spend Christmas day in there, so not planned. You wrap the presents and label them with what age/sex they are for - or even what is inside.
My daughter also used her Birthday collection money one year to buy craft things for the sick children to do whilst stuck in bed.
Places like Baker Ross, Yellow moon (same company I think -but one is often cheaper than the other), Hope education all do kits aimed at schools - lots of things like wooden Christmas tree decorations for colouring in and most are not too expensive. The NHS budget doesn't really cover things like this, and in our hospital they would rather have things than money - money they have to get permission to spend etc.
You could phone the local hospital and ask for the children's ward...and see what they say.

BendyMum15 Wed 17-Dec-14 14:05:03

My local children's centre collected boxes this year to give to local families so perhaps try your local one.

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