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Toy or preschool related charity, preferably Africa

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drspouse Sun 30-Mar-14 10:47:11

So my DNs have far too many toys and the older one has said to my DM "Granny, I want to give my toys to children in Africa" (I worked in Africa when younger and my DM was telling the DN about how few toys children have there). I've been tasked with finding out how as I do have a bit of a background.

I have done some Googling and I can find a couple of vaguely related charities: one in S. Africa that aims to buy "every child a toy"; a toy library or two that asks you to "bring out toys when you come to volunteer"; a toymaking project in S. Africa that teaches mums to make toys for sale. The first one looks like the most relevant and they could perhaps donate by sending a bank transfer, but we are kind of talking pocket money here so a UK or European charity might work better.

I definitely do not think sending physical toys to projects is a good idea. It costs far more to send them than it would do to go to the market there and buy either second hand or new toys. Many of the charities will send surplus donated toys along with their second hand clothes to markets in developing countries, but my DNs don't live in the UK and I don't think there's a charity shop system there like we have here.

There are quite a few sport/football related charities which do essentially have the same effect (improving children's skills through play) but neither of my DNs are particularly into sport so I think they'd see that as a poor relation.

Anyone know of anything else? I know of a few hospital or secondary school direct sponsoring projects but don't know of anything working directly with a preschool or particularly toy-related; there are of course orphanages, there's one that a local group is involved with so that's another alternative.

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