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Anothermrssmith Sun 15-Dec-13 15:40:19

Ok not sure I'm technically allowed to post this so apologies if I shouldn't, mods feel free to move/delete/whatever!

My mum sings in a charity choir called the Fishwives Choir, similar to the military wives in that all their members are connected to the fishing industry in some way, usually through fathers or husbands. Many members have lost their loved ones at sea and in some of those cases the bodies have never been recovered meaning life insurance etc cant be claimed causing huge financial hardship. A few months ago they released a single in aid of the Fishermen's Mission which helps the families of those lost at sea along with those involved in the industry, and got some airplay on Radio 2, Classic FM and the like and they were featured on BBC Breakfast, The One Show and some regional programming. Despite the single coming out a while ago now the official charts company have named them as one of the main contenders for Christmas number one and any singles downloaded this week (so between now and Saturday 21st) count towards the Christmas chart and obviously they are desperate to get as many sales as possible to raise as much money as they can, along with the profile of the Fishermen's Mission.

The single is available through iTunes and amazon, could I ask some of you lovely ladies to download it and help get them to number 1?


Info on the Fishwives Choir

Info on the Fishermans Mission

Thanks you everyone!

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