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Beginning to get annoyed with Charities Aid Foundation - anyone had any dealings

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senmerrygoround Tue 22-Oct-13 13:51:43

Thanks Sunshine. I think I will contact the organisation that wanted us to have the money.

I've had another email today informing me that CAF will not pay out unless we can provide the documentation. They also helpfully suggested that I might light to nominate a recognised charity for the money to go to hmm instead.

SunshineSuperNova Tue 22-Oct-13 12:03:18

YANBU. I have worked at larger charities and have found their admin to be intermittently helpful putting it mildly.

Would it be worth contacting their CEO directly to get things moving?

senmerrygoround Mon 21-Oct-13 13:42:45

I run a voluntary support group with a friend. Meetings are held at her home and any expenses, eg flyers, business cards, refreshments, etc have been paid for by ourselves.

We were recently successful in our application to be one of the local good causes by a national organisation, and granted £100.

This organisation uses the Charities Aid Foundation to manage their donations. The CAF has not paid the £100, requiring a form, accounts, governing documents and charter, et etc.

I have been upfront from the beginning that we are not a charity, but a voluntary support group. There are two of us running this group, using our own money to pay for expenses.

Yet the CAF are demanding annual audited accounts, governing documents and charter, etc before paying out.

I feel like telling them to stuff the £100. This has taken up so much tine which I really don't have angry.

I know they have to be careful as there are crooks out there, but I have
1. given them links to the FB page which has been live for 2 years and very busy
2. we have the support of our local MP who regularly tweets messages to us and launched our voluntary group
3. we have had good coverage in local press
4. we are recognised by a regional and national charity
5. we have been given support by two other national organisations without this palaver
6. the £100 would be paid to a support group account, details and paying slip supplied to them.

AIBU or are they?

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