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akennyg Mon 16-Sep-13 16:26:21

Hi All,
The Give More Challenge Quiz launched today at, and is an easy, fun way to see just how much you know about need in your communities. It’s launch is part of the Give More Challenge- a week of action starting today, which is asking everyone to help cover the UK with people giving more time, money or energy by making a pledge on our map of giving.

The Quiz tests your knowledge of the issues facing your local area. It takes just minutes, and lifts the lid on some fascinating, shocking facts about what's really happening near you.

The Challenge is an initiative of the Give More campaign, a movement Mumsnet is working with (see the box on to right of this page) which has already secured over 33,000 pledges from people across the UK giving more to charities and good causes they care about.

So head to the quiz if you have a few minutes, and see how much you know about what’s really going on near you.

SilverApples Mon 16-Sep-13 16:44:38

What a completely useless quiz, no thinking involved whatsoever. You just choose the most negative answer possible.

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