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Running a cake/bake sale for a work event in europe

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SweetGrapes Sat 03-Aug-13 00:57:30

I have volunteered to run a cake sale at an event at work - the trouble is this is an event in europe (I live in London).
Will be flying out there on the day and am wondering if I can bake some stuff and take with me. There is a supermarket a short taxi ride from the event location so I may be able to buy some there - but not really sure if I will have time.
Any ideas/suggestions on what I could make a couple of days before and easily transport on a plane?
Additionally, any ideas what I would need to set up? Posters/decorations etc...

Thanks in advance!

Mogz Sat 03-Aug-13 07:12:43

I've always found that rice crispie cakes and tiffin travel well, assuming its not too hot. Could you bake cupcakes and ice them when you get there?
How about making sweets too? Coconut ice, fudge, marzipan fruits and such like.
You might want to take a nice table cloth, some cardboard cake stands, vase of fresh cut flowers, posters to show prices, cash tin.

SonyaL80 Wed 07-Aug-13 14:20:42

Have you thought about baking biscuits? Some biscuits keep for up till a month so if you bake them a few days before, it’ll be no trouble at all!

There’s some great recipes out there for chocolate chip cookies or ginger biscuits. Also they should be easy to transport in a tin or box as you don’t have to worry about the icing getting ruined.

Good luck!

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